Free Fire AUG Strike Event Complete Details – Get ‘Booyah! AUG’ Skin

Free Fire has got a new event called ‘AUG Strike’ in the game between October 9, 2020, to October 15, 2020. This event brings the legendary skin ‘Booyah! AUG’ as a grand prize that you can get by flipping the cards.

As you enter the event lobby, you get to see Booyah! AUG skin at the right, and on the left side, there is a button named ‘Shuffling.’ Click on the button; you will get to see all the items for a second, and then all cards get flipped and then gets shuffled.

Now you get to see the Booyah! AUG skin at the right and 9 cards from the backside at left. These 9 cards contain 9 different items, including the grand prize Booyah! AUG skin, but no one is aware of which card has what item.

To flip a card, click on the card and pay the diamonds. The first card flip is free, but for the rest 8 cards, you have to spend diamonds. The second spin costs you 9 diamonds, and the price keeps on increasing with every flip.

By flipping a card, you get the item the card contains directly in your vault. You can stop flipping cards after you get the grand prize, but my experience says that you will have to flip all the 9 cards to win the grand prize because you will get it in the 9th spin only.

Diamonds Required For Flips In AUG Strike Event:

  • 1st Spin – Free (0 Diamonds)
  • 2nd Spin – 9 Diamonds
  • 3rd Spin – 19 Diamonds
  • 4th Spin – 39 Diamonds
  • 5th Spin – 69 Diamonds
  • 6th Spin – 99 Diamonds
  • 7th Spin – 199 Diamonds
  • 8th Spin – 299 Diamonds
  • 9th Spin – 499 Diamonds

AUG Strike Event Prize Pool:

  • Justice Fighter Gun Box
  • Digital Invasion Gun Box
  • Victory Wings Gun Box
  • Violet Terror Gun Box
  • Private Eye Gun Box
  • Duke Swallowtail AWM Box
  • Rebel Academy P90 Box
  • Spikey Spin AN94 Box
  • AUG – Booyah Day

Booyah! AUG Skin Attributes:

  • Damage (+)
  • Reload Speed (-)
  • Accuracy (++)

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