Free Fire Regional Battle Event Season 3 Details: Here Is How To Complete

Regional Battle Season 2 started on September 1, 2020, and after concluding it on September 30, 2020, Free Fire has come up with its Season 3. Regional Battle Season 3 will be available in the game between October 14, 2020, to November 13, 2020.

What Is Regional Battle In Free Fire?

Free Fire frequently comes up with the regional battle for the players of Indian Server. It includes three countries: India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. In these battles, you fight for the glory and honor of your country. The Regional Battle Event lasts in the game for 30 days. At the end of that, players get rewarded based on their scores.

How To Register For Regional Battle Season 3?

The registrations of Regional Battle Season 3 are bring taken in-game. As you enter the event lobby, you can choose your zone from three options: India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Select one option and confirm the same.

Until the last season, players had to select their region (State) as well, but with the Season 3, developers decided to make this battle between countries and offered the option to select a zone (country) only to the players.

After registering themselves successfully, players need to start earning the points to get free rewards.

Here Is How To Earn Points In Regional Battle Season 3?

Players can earn points by playing Battle Royale Mode (Casual or Ranked) and Clash Squad Mode (Casual or Ranked). There are points for both kills and positioning. The following is the point system:

Battle royale modeClash Squad mode
2nd Place100
3rd Place50

Using these points, your score will be calculated in the four categories:

  1. Weekly Individual Score
  2. Season Individual Score
  3. Season Global Score
  4. Milestone Rewards

The individual rewards are won based on the points within the player’s region. Global rewards are won based on average points of player’s regions compared to all other regions. All players within the region receive rewards. Milestone rewards can be collected by completing the given milestone. All the rewards a player gets directly credited in the vault/inventory.

Regional Battle Season 3 Rewards:

1. Weekly Individual

2. Seasonal Individual

3. Seasonal Group

4. Milestone Rewards

Free Fire Regional Battle Season 3 FAQs:

Q.1 When Will Free Fire Regional Battle Season 3 Start?

A. October 14, 2020

Q.2 When Will Free Fire Regional Battle Season 3 End?

A. November 13, 2020

Q.3 How Many Regional Participate In Free Fire Regional Battle Season 3?

A. 3

Q.4 Which Regions Participate In Free Fire Regional Battle Season 3?

A. India, Nepal. and Bangladesh

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