Free Fire Booyah Top Up II Event Details: Another Chance To Get Free Booyah Day Skins

Our previous post mentioned the first edition of the Booyah Day Top-Up Event that brought Katana Booyah Day Skin and AWM Booyah Day skin to grab for the players. It seems that the players love Booyah Day items because the second edition of the Booyah Top-Up Event has come to the game.

Free Fire Booyah Top Up 2 event is live in the game between October 21, 2020, to October 27, 2020. The second edition has brought Booyah Hunter Backpack and Booyah Day Gloo Wall as a reward for the players.

For those living under the rocks, diamonds are the in-game currency of Free Fire that can be purchased using real money. Diamonds are also one of the best sources of income for Garena through Free Fire. Using these diamonds, players can buy various in-game items to improve their gameplay experience.

Garena wants more and more players to top-up diamonds in the game, and to incentivize more players towards this, they offer free in-game items with diamond top-ups. If you top-up equal to or more than the specified diamonds in a single go during these events, you get some free rewards with diamonds.

So during the Booyah Top Up II event period, if you 100 diamonds in one go, you get Booyah Hunter Backpack, and if you top-up 500 diamonds, you get Booyah Day Gloo Wall.

It does not mean that you need to make two different top-ups of 100 and 500 diamonds to get both the rewards. If you make a single top-up of 500 diamonds, you can get both Booyah Hunter Backpack and Booyah Day Gloo Wall for free.

After making the top-up, head to Events -> Booyah Top Up II tab to claim your free rewards.

Claim your free Booyah Hunter Backpack and Booyah Day Gloo Wall skins for free before the event ends on October 27, 2020.

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