Free Fire Magic Arrow Event Complete Details: Shoot And Win ‘Power of Booyah’ Bundle

Free Fire has got a new event called ‘Magic Arrow’ in the game that is live between October 22, 2020, to October 28, 2020. You have to shoot the arrow on a wheel and collect coins, discounts, and the grand prize ‘Power of Booyah’ bundle in this event.

As you enter the event lobby, you can see a wheel in the middle with discounts, coins, and the grand prize. You shoot the arrow from the left side of the screen to get the items mentioned on the wheel.

On the left side, two options are given for shoot: 1 Shoot and 10 Shoots. 1 Shoot is available for 20 diamonds, while 10 Shoots are available for 180 diamonds. After shooting the arrow, you collect coins that can be used to redeem various items shown n the ‘Redeem Store.’

The total amount of coins you collect gets reflected on the top left of the screen. Apart from the coins, there are two options, i.e., 80% Off (x10) and 80% Off (30 Minute). If you get the 80% Off (x10), you get 80% off on the next ten spins. The original price of 1 shoot reduces to 4 diamonds from 20 diamonds, and the original price of 10 shoots gets reduced from 180 diamonds to 36 diamonds.

If you are lucky enough to get 80% Off (30 Minutes), you get 80% off on all the spins for 30 minutes. It can be the best moment for earning as many coins as possible to redeem various store rewards. If you are one of the luckiest persons, you might get the grand prize ‘Power of Booyah’ bundle from the spins only.

The items available in the Redeem Store are:

  • Power of Booyah Bundle – 4000 Coins
  • Booyah Champ Surfboard – 1000 Coins
  • Character ‘K’ – 1500 Coins
  • Character ‘Clu’ – 1200 Coins
  • Hellfire Falco Skin – 1500 Coins
  • Moon Flip Emote – 1000 Coins
  • The Warrior’s Spirit Backpack – 800 Coins
  • Booyah!!! Loot Crate – 500 Coins
  • Join the Carnival! Parachute – 500 Coins
  • ‘Falco’ Pet – 1500 Coins

Apart from getting the coins, discount, or the grand prize by making spins, players also get a small reward for each shoot that includes:

  • Cube Fragment
  • Diamond Royale Voucher
  • Weapon Royale Voucher
  • Incubator Voucher
  • Gold Royale Voucher
  • Great Plunder Groza Box
  • Mystic Seeker Scar Box
  • Rebel Academy P90 Box
  • Abyssal XM8 Box
  • Hipster Bunny M79 Box
  • Master of Minds Gun Box
  • Justice Fighter Gun Box
  • Victory Wings Gun Box
  • Booyah Gun Box
  • Engineer Gun Box
  • Pet Food
  • Universal Fragment (x50)
  • Ancient Empire Badge
  • Bonfire
  • Scan

Grab those coins, grab those discounts, and shoot for the ultimate grand prize now!

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