Free Fire OB25 Update Details: Release Date, New Characters, New Gun – UZI, New Pet, Full Bermuda 2.0 Map & Much More

Free Fire got its OB24 update on September 23, 2020. It brought many new things to the game, including the new Team Boost system and two new weapons: Parafal and Flamethrower. Now, the time is arriving for a new OB25 update in the game, and in this article, we will share everything we know about the OB25 update.

Free Fire OB25 Update Release Date:

Free Fire OB25 update is expected to release on December 9, 2020. As of now, no official release date is announced by the developers, but you can rely on our expert prediction. Like all the previous OB updates, the OB25 update will also bring many new changes/additions to the game.

Free Fire OB25 Update New Features:

The OB25 update will make some changes in the old features and bring a lot of new features to the game. As we reach close to the release date, more and more leaks come from different sources. So this post is dedicated to those leaks starting from the leaks available today itself. Let’s begin:

1. New Character – Dasha

Dasha will be a new female character and another addition to the list of more than 30 characters already available in the game. If you managed to play the OB24 Advance Server, then you must have got the chance to play using this character.

Even after being made available in the OB24 Advance Server, she was not introduced to the game with the OB24 update. So now, we can expect her to release in the game with the OB25 update.

Credits: Gamer’s Zone

Dasha is a prankster and rebel, and will come to the game with her exclusive ‘Rebellious Prankster Set.’ She comes with a passive skill called ‘Partying On’ that makes her capable of doing three things: reduce recoil, reduce damage taken by falls, and recovery time from falls.

At level 1, her special ability reduces recoil while moving by 5%, reduces general recoil by 5%, reduces damage taken from falls by 45%, and reduces recovery time from falls by 55%. As you level up the character, the special skill percentage keeps increasing, which makes her more and more perfect for the battleground.

2. New Character – Sverr

Sverr is the male character that is expected to release to the Free Fire with the OB25 update. He was also available in the OB24 update Advanced Server but, just like Dasha, was not introduced to the game. That gives us the hope of expecting it with the OB25 update.

One thing to note, it is highly unlikely that Free Fire gets two new characters to the game with a single update. So we will get to see only one of the mentioned characters. Now we would like to let you know that there are high chances of Sverr coming to the game because Garena used the character in one of the Free Fire related videos.

Credits: Gamer’s Zone

Sverr is a top-tier MMA fighter and comes to the game with an exclusive MMA Viking Set. He comes to the game with an active skill called ‘Going Berserk.’ It is going to be the third character in the game with Active skill after ‘DJ Alok’ and ‘K’ characters.

The special ability of Sverr increases damage dealt to the enemy as his HP reduced. At level 1, his special skill consumes 40HP to increase damage by 10% and lasts for 5 seconds. As you level up the character, the percentage keeps on increasing, making him more perfect for the battleground.

3. New Character – Centaur

If you remember, Centaur was officially shared by Garena Free Fire Social Media handles on April 1, 2020. As the date itself indicates, later, the developers cleared the scenario by declaring it an April fool post.

But as the OB25 update is approaching, different leaks indicate that this character might make its way to the game. As to perform our duty, we decided not to leave behind the character from introducing to you. But it is highly unlikely to see this character with the OB25 update.

Centaur is a half-man, half-horsed breed that has come out of the woods to join the clan of Free Fire. This mythical creature has its origin from Greek mythology and is also mentioned in Indian mythology. Its appearance can be observed in various ancient texts, arts, and sculptures from all around India.

For those living under the rocks, its head, arms, and torso are of human and joined at the waist to the body and legs of a horse. At that time, the special ability of the Centaur character was mentioned as it is able to run towards the enemy while aiming the crossbow. The name of the special skill was not revealed.

4. New Pet – Dinosaur

As per leaks, we will also get to see a new Dinosaur pet with the OB25 update. The name of the pet on other servers is kept as ‘Drangosito,’ but its name on the Indian server is unknown yet. But it looks like a cute mini Dinosaur.

The pet is expected to come with a special ability called ‘Heavy Thief Skill.’ This Special Skill increases the player’s items picking speed and increases the player’s running speed by 10% after a kill for a short period of time.

5. New SMG Gun – UZI

Developers planned to introduce UZI in Free Fire a long back, but due to some unavoidable problems, they replaced it with Thompson. But with the OB25 update, we finally might get to see this gun in the game.

UZI is a family of Israeli open-bolt, blowback-operated Submachine guns. It was one of the first weapons to use a telescopic bolt design, which allows the magazine to be housed in the pistol grip for a shorter weapon.

As you must know, SMGs are effective in close ranges only, so UZI will also be a gun suitable for close-range combats. But one thing to note, it will be the fastest SMG of the game, i.e., fastest firing speed.

6. Full Bermuda 2.0 Map

Even before the OB24 update, we are continuously getting information about the release of the Bermuda Remastered/Bermuda 2.0 map to the game. After the OB24 update, developers also officially mentioned the release of the new map, but later due to technical problems, they took their words back.

So with the OB25 update, we finally might get to see the Bermuda 2.0 map. We have already been introduced to 4 locations called Hydropower, Academy, Fisherman Greek, and Yagami Garden in the Clash Squad mode.

But the full Bermuda 2.0 map is coming with a lot of changes in the old Bermuda map. The changes were made available in the OB24 Advanced Server. You can have a sneak peek of each and every location here.

Apart from these changes, two new locations called ‘New York’ and ‘Tokyo’ will also be introduced on the map. The Tokyo location will be placed near Factory and Clock Tower, while the New York location will be available around the Riverside.

7. Winter Theme

As the winter and Christmas are approaching, we can expect a snowy environment in the Free Fire, just like the previous Christmas time updates.

8. New Loading Screen

As always, a new loading screen will be coming to the game. This time we will get to see the Free Fire character playing Free Fire on their phone. Yes, you read it right. You will get to see two characters playing Free Fire on their mobile and two other characters celebrating the victory on the screen.

9. New Lobby

Just like the previous updates, the lobby will also get change.

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