Free Fire Mystery Shop 11.0: Date, Items & Much More

Free Fire is about to get its 11th edition of Mystery Shop in November 2020. If you are a true Free Fire player, you must know that developers introduce Mystery Shop every alternate month. The last 10th edition was made available in September 2020, so now it’s time for the November 2020 Mystery Shop edition.

What Is Mystery Shop In Free Fire?

The Mystery Shop in Free Fire is an in-game event that offers items at a mysterious price (discount up to 90%). You can purchase almost all the in-game items from this shop, but the availability of Elite Pass remains uncertain. Apart from that, it brings exclusive male and female bundles every time.

Free Fire Mystery Shop 11.0 Release Date:

Free Fire Mystery Shop 11.0 is expected to release on November 22, 2020. It remains available in the game for 7-8 days only, and the 11th edition will end on November 28, 2020.

Mystery Shop 11.0 Male & Female Bundles:

As always, the 11th edition of Mystery Shop will also bring exclusive male & female bundles. Have a closer look at the attached image to get to know which male & female bundle is coming with Mystery Shop 11.0.

About Mystery Shop 11.0:

In the 11th edition of Mystery Shop, you can avail up to 90% discount. The discount percentage depends on your luck that you need to try out before entering the shop by making a spin. The result of the spin is your discount percentage.

The November 2020 Mystery Shop comes with two items pool divided by the male and female bundles. To change the items, you just need to change the bundle. The items available in the shop include costumes, Name Change Card, Characters, Pets, and much more.

If you wish to purchase the exclusive male and female bundles just after entering the shop, it will not happen. First, you have to spend a fixed amount of diamonds that are generally 50 diamonds.

How To Get a 90% Discount in Mystery Shop 11.o?

Who doesn’t want to get a discount of 90% to get the in-game items by spending only a few pennies, but only the luckiest players could get this. There is no such trick that can get you a 90% discount, but from our experience, we have noticed that three types of accounts have greater chances of getting higher discounts:

  1. New Accounts
  2. Accounts that never purchase in-game items
  3. Accounts with fewer Diamonds

So if you recently created your account, you will definitely get 80-90% discount. Also, if your account is old, but you never made any top-up of diamonds, you can also get a decent discount. The reason is, developers want more and more players to top-up and spend diamonds. If you have fewer diamonds in your account, the chances are high that you can get a 70-80% discount easily.

Free Fire Mystery Shop 11.0 FAQs:

Q.1 When will Free Fire Mystery Shop 11.0 (November 2020) Release?

A. November 22, 2020

Q.2 When will Free Fire Mystery Shop 11.0 (November 2020) Release?

A. November 28, 2020

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