Free Fire ‘2020 FFCS’ Event Details, Items, Skins & Bundles

Free Fire has jumped into the eSports industry and has conducted many big official tournaments with whopping prize money. The latest was the Free Fire India Championship (FFIC) 2020 that just concluded.

Now the organizers are coming up with another big tournament called Free Fire Continental Series for America, Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA), and Asia. It is expected to be the biggest eSports tournament of Free Fire.

Recently the developers started introducing official tournament-based events in the game in a move towards promoting them. The same we got to see at the time of FFIC with an in-game event. With the upcoming FFCS also, an in-game event will be introduced that will start from November 19, 2020.

It is going to be the major event of the game, so it comes with a separate section in the event’s lobby of Free Fire. As always, the game’s whole theme will change to the FFCS theme, and many new items, bundles, etc., will also come to the game through the FFCS event, Weapon Royale, Diamond Royale, etc.

Like all previous major events, during the FFCS event also, you will have to collect some tokens by playing matches and completing tasks. These tokens can be exchanged with various in-game FFCS themed items for free. The exact tasks and other details will be available as the event starts in the game.

This post will share all the FFCS themed items, bundles, skins, etc., coming to the game in the upcoming days through various modes.

1. M4A1 Skin

It might be introduced in the Weapon Royale at the time of the FFCS event. Here are the attributes of the skin:

  • Rate of Fire (++)
  • Accuracy (+)
  • Movement Speed (-)

2. Groza Skin

It might be available for free in the event. The way to get it can be in exchange for tokens or as a peak day reward. Here are the attributes of the skin:

  • Damage (++)
  • Magazine (-)

3. Surfboards

We will get to see two surfboards. The first one might be available for free in exchange for tokens, but we will definitely have to use diamonds in some way for the second.

4. Backpacks

There will be two FFCS themed Surfboards that will come to the game during the FFCS event. Like surfboards, the first backpack will be free in exchange for tokens, but the second will require you to spend or top-up diamonds.

5. Lamborghini Skin

It is highly unlikely that the skin will be available for free. But the way to get it is also not known yet.

6. Parachute

7. Lobby Item

If you don’t know what this lobby item is, let us tell you that with every major event, all the players get a statue type item that they can place on the spawn island before the start of every match. This item rewards them with diamonds or gold coins.

8. Avatar

9. Banner

10. Male Bundle

11. Female Bundle

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