Here Is How To Get ‘Dasha’ Character In Free Fire In Dasha Top-Up Event

Free Fire has got a new female character named ‘Dasha’ in the game. With this latest addition, the total number of playable characters in Free Fire has reached 34. Except for Adam and Eve, all the 32 characters come with a special ability to survive the battlefield in a better way.

About Dasha Character:

Dasha is a prankster and rebel. If you managed to get access to the OB24 update Advanced Server, you must have played using this character. But with the OB24 update, we did not get this character in the game because developers had this surprise plan for now.

Dasha’s Special Ability: 

Just like every character in the game, Dasha also comes with a special skill. Her special skill is a passive skill called ‘Partying On.’ At level 1, it reduces damage taken from falls by 30%, reduces recovery time from falls by 60%, reduces recoil buildup by 6%, and reduces maximum recoil by 6%.

As you play using the character, you earn character fragments and level up the character. As you level up, the percentage of special ability effects keeps increasing, making her more and more perfect for the battlefield. She comes with her exclusive Rebellious Prankster Set.

How To Get Free Fire Dasha Character?

Generally, Free Fire makes all characters of the game available in the shop to buy for diamonds, but currently, the Dasha character is not available in the shop. Developers have made it available to grab in the newest Dasha Top-Up Event. In this event, you can get Dasha Character absolutely for free.

Dasha Top-Up Event Details:

The Top-Up event is available in the game between November 18, 2020, to November 21, 2020. For those living under the rocks, developers introduce top-up events in the game to incentivize more and more players to spend real money and top-up diamonds, and for the same, they offer some freebies.

This time, developers are offering the Dasha character in the Dasha Top-Up Event. During the Dasha Top-Up Event, if you top-up 100 diamonds, you get the ‘Dasha’ character for free. If you top-up 300 diamonds, you get Dash’s Party Girl Bundle, and if you top-up 500 diamonds, you get SCAR – Party Animal skin.

It does not mean that to get all the items, you do not need to make three separate top-ups. If you make a single top-up of 500 diamonds, you get all three items for free.

After making the top-up of diamonds, head to the Events -> Dasha Top Up tab to claim your free rewards. It is up to you, whether you want to get the Dasha character and bundle for free now, or later in the shop by paying 499 diamonds for the character only.

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