Free Fire Value Pack Event Complete Details: Get Up To 90% Off On All Items

Free Fire has got a new event called ‘Value Pack’ between November 20, 2020, to November 26, 2020. As the name itself suggests, you have to select items and make your perfect pack of items that value your money/diamonds in this event.

As you enter the event lobby, you have to select 1 out of 3 cards. These three cards have 299, 399, and 499 diamonds written over them, but as they are flipped backside, no one knows which card has what. The amount written on the card you select is the fixed price of each item packs you make.

After getting your fixed price, you move to the main lobby of the event. Here you get to see 6 categories with 6 items in each of them. You have to make your items pack/value pack by selecting one item from each category. The items you select appear on the right side of the screen below ‘Current Pack.’

After selecting all the 6 items for your pack, the ‘Buy’ button on the right side of the screen gets activated. Click on the ‘Buy’ button and pay the fixed amount of diamonds you get through the card you selected. After buying one item pack, the items you purchased get greyed out from the event and credits in your vault/collection.

You can do the same process with the remaining 5 items in each category. By doing this process, you can buy a maximum of 6 value packs by paying each pack’s fixed amount. The event ends for you when you purchase all the items.

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