Free Fire Season 31 Elite Pass Complete Rewards / Items List

Free Fire has got its Season 31 Elite Pass ‘Endless Oblivion’ on December 1, 2020. Like all the previous Elite Passes, the December 2020 Elite Pass has also brought many new items and rewards to the game that we will share in this post.

As you all know, every Elite Pass comes with a Free Pass also, that brings some average quality items but available for free for everyone. So this post will cover the items of Free Pass also. If you wish to get the Season 31 Elite Pass, you can get it by paying 499 diamonds. And if you wish to get many other benefits also, you have to pay 999 diamonds.

Season 31 Rewards List:

0Gold (x50)Oblivion Jacket (Female)
5Endlesss Flame (Avatar)Summon Airdrop
10Unlock Veteran ChallengeEndless Slasher (Katana Skin)
15N/AEndless Oblivion (Jeep Skin)
20Pet Food (x1)Weapon Royale Voucher (x1)
25N/AResupply Map Playcard
30Gold Royale Voucher (x1)Endless White (Banner)
35N/AGold (x500)
40Oblivion Jacket (Male)Red-Eye Skull (Avatar)
45N/ABounty Token Playcard
50Diamond Royale Voucher (x1)Endless White Bundle
55N/APet Food (x3)
60Fragment CrateDiamond Royale Voucher (x1)
65N/ADouble EXP Card
70Discount CouponEvo Gun Token Box (x2)
75N/AMemory Fragment (Jai) [x100]
8080 Pet Food (x1)Endless Oblivion (M249 Skin)
85Evo Gun Token Box (x1)Resupply Map
90Gold (x300)Weapon Royale Voucher (x1)
95N/APet Food (x3)
100ScanEndless Oblivion (Backpack Skin)
105N/AScan Playcard
110Oblivion TopGold (x500)
115N/AEndless Black (Banner)
120Summon AirdropScan
125N/APiece of Cake (Emote)
130Gold Royale Voucher (x1)Memory Fragment (K) [x100]
135N/AChained Flame (Avatar)
140Resupply MapDiamond Royale Voucher (x1)
145Evo Gun Token Box (x1)Double Gold Card (7 Days)
150Endless Oblivion (Banner)Endless Oblivion (Surfboard Skin)
155N/ASummon Airdrop Playcard
160Gold (x500)Pet Food (x3)
165N/AUniversal Fragment (x100)
170Fragment Crate IICube Fragment (x10)
175N/ABonfire Playcard
180Bonfire (x3)Evolution Stone (x1)
185N/ABounty Token
190Gold Royale Voucher (x1)Discount Coupon (x1)
195N/AEvo Gun Token Box (x5)
200Endless Oblivion (Parachute Skin)Endless Oblivion (Loot Box Skin)
205Evo Gun Token Box (x1)Character Lvl. 4 Card (x1)
210Gold Royale Voucher (x3)Pet Food (x3)
215N/AUniversal Fragment (x100)
220Bounty TokenBonfire
225Awakening Shard (x1)Endless Black Bundle

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