Free Fire Is Getting A New SMG Weapon ‘Vector’: You Can Use Two Weapons At The Same Time With Both Hands

Free Fire is about to get its OB25 update in the game that will bring a lot of changes to the game. Recently the developers opened up the Advanced Server so that players can experience and report any bugs and glitches to the upcoming news features of the game.

One such upcoming feature is a new Sub-Machine Gun (SMG) called ‘Vector.’ It is from the category of weapons like MP40 and UMP, but unlike them, it uses an unconventional delayed “blowback” system that results in lowering the recoil of the gun and makes controlling the automatic fire easier at the walking distance.

The Vector SMG was already present in the game at the time of the game’s release in 2017, but later developers removed it. As the Christmas 2020 present, developers are planning to bring back the Vector SMG to the game.

Vector is low recoil and medium damage gun useful for close-quarters combat. The disadvantage of this weapon is that it comes with quite a small cartridge of 19 ammunition only. Also, as compared to other SMGs, it comes with less damage. So there is an urgent need for an extended mag for anyone who wishes to use this gun.

On the Advanced Server, Vector has introduced a new mechanism that is using two weapons at the same time. During the matches, you can simultaneously hold two vectors in your hands and fire using both at the enemy. It results in double damage to the enemies with the same process we do with other guns.

We can expect the same mechanism in the global versions with the release of Vector SMG in Free Fire after the OB25 update. Let’s see what new tactics this new gun and the feature brings to the fights.

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