Free Fire Giving Away 100% Top Up Bonus (Double Diamonds): Get Up To 1000 Diamonds

As a true Free Fire player, you must be aware that Free Fire keeps introducing top-up events in the game to incentivize players to top-up diamonds and get some freebies. But we never thought of getting a diamond top-up event to get more diamonds. Yes, you read it right; this time, developers are giving away double diamonds on the top-up of diamonds, unlike freebies in the other top-up events.

Free Fire has got a new event called ‘100% Bonus Diamond Top-Up’ between December 5, 2020, to December 11, 2020. As the name of the event itself suggests, you can get 100% extra diamonds on the top-up of diamonds. The maximum limit of the event is 1000 diamonds that means if you top-up 1000 diamonds, you can get 1000 diamonds extra. Using these diamonds, you can purchase various in-game items to make your gameplay experience better.

In the 100% Bonus Diamonds Top-Up Event, you get four options that are as follows:
1. Top Up 100 Diamonds – Get 100 Diamonds
2. Top Up 300 Diamonds – Get 200 Diamonds
3. Top Up 500 Diamonds – Get 200 Diamonds
4. Top Up 1000 Diamonds – Get 500 Diamonds

If you make a top-up of only 100 diamonds, you get extra 100 diamonds as per the first option. But if you top-up 300 diamonds, you get 100 + 200 diamonds as per the first and second option because, in a top-up of 300 diamonds, the first condition rewarding 100 diamonds also gets satisfied.

The same goes for the 3rd and 4th options also. So as per the 4th option, if you top-up 1000 diamonds, you get 500+200+200+100 = 1000 diamonds extra. Because the conditions for all the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th options get satisfied, so don’t get confused that you need to make four separate diamonds to get 1000 free diamonds.

After a successful top-up of diamonds, head to the Events -> 100% Top Up Bonus section to claim you extra free diamonds. The top-up can be made by the standard method that is the in-game top-up option. But you can also use Games Kharido if you never used to before because it also offers 100% top-up bonuses for first-time users.

Using Games Kahrido, if you participate in the 100% Bonus Diamond Top-Up Event, you can get 3000 diamonds on the top-up of 1000 diamonds. You get the first 1000 diamonds as you top-up them, an extra 1000 you get because of the ongoing in-game top-up event, and another extra 1000 diamonds you get for using the Games Kharido for the first time.

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