Free Fire OB25 Update (7 December) Official Patch Notes Released: Maintenance Break Time Revealed

The OB25 update of Free Fire is scheduled to release on December 7, 2020. It will bring a lot of new features to the game about which we shared the leaks through various posts. But no need to rely on the leaks anymore because we are here with the Official Patch Notes of OB25 update that can also be called Operation Chrono Patch Notes.’

Free Fire December 7 (OB25 Update) Maintenance Break Time:

As you must know, developers take down the servers with every OB update so that the process of updating new features to the game can be done smoothly and without any glitch. The maintenance break on December 7, 2020, for the Operation Chrono Patch will be from 09:00 AM IST to 04:30 PM IST. During this period, players will not be able to log in and play the game.

Free Fire Operation Chrono Patch Notes:

1. Clash Squad

Rank Season 4

  • Season starts 12/08 17:00 SGT

“Clash Squad Season 4 is here! Rank up to Gold III or above to receive the Clash Squad exclusive item – The Golden P90!”

For season 4, we made major adjustments to matchmaking to increase the quality of each game played.

The match search engine has been improved for season 4. We hope the new engine will improve the quality of matches. In this new season, ready teams will be pitted against each other. After the update, the teams that face each other will be more balanced. We hope to make matches more competitive and exciting!

2. Weapon and Balance:

1. New Gun – Vector

“We present the new weapon – Vector! Vector is the first Free Fire weapon that allows akimbo mode, with two weapons equipped at the same time. Although its range is not very far, its power at close range is devastating. Try and tell us in the comment section below, which is the next weapon that do you want to see in akimbo mode?”

  • Damage: 22
  • Magazine: 30
  • Rate of Fire: 0.08
  • Attachments: Muzzle, Stock

2. M82B

  • Adjusted the % of the number of weapons that appear on the map in all modes!

“The M82B is often too easy to find on the map, especially at the start of the game. We will be reducing the frequency of this weapon a bit so that players will have to work harder to find that firepower.”

3. M4A1

  • Available in Classic and Clash Squad modes (normal and ranked).

“The performance of the M4A1 has recently fallen short because of the above-average rate of recoil and a slow rate of fire. We are increasing the power and range of the M4 to make it more competitive. We hope that after the update, the M4 is more stable and reliable for medium and long-range. “

  • Damage: 28 -> 29
  • Rate of Fire: +5%
  • Effective Range: +12.5%
  • Recoil: -14%

4. P90

  • Available in Classic and Contra Squad modes.

“Even after the improvement made to the P90 in the last update, we still feel that it remains below ideal. In exchange for its extra ammo, we have increased the damage of the P90 a little. With this change, players will be able to feel its extra power with its characteristic 50-shot volley. “

  • Damage: 23 -> 24
  • Recoil: -11%

5. Advanced Weapon Accessory

  • Advanced accessories replaced!

“Since we launched the Advanced Accessories, we have been monitoring the performance of each weapon with its respective accessories. Although the weapons perform well, this dynamic has proved to be unreliable since finding the Advanced Accessories is not very simple. Thinking about it, we will replace the dynamics of Advanced Accessories with Advanced Weapons, so players only need to look for one item to enjoy this experience. “

  • Advanced weapons will now appear in random locations on the map.

3. Training Island

  • New minigame and vehicle update

“There’s a new coin coming to Training Island – the Shells! You can earn them by actively participating in the minigames and socializing on the road. Use them to exchange for fireworks and celebrate with your friends!”

  • New Currency – Shells
  • New Game Object – Fireworks
  • Soundbox available on the training ground
  • Dynamic Lighting: Training Island will now adjust to the brightness in the real world.

4. Electric Board

  • Speed ​​and mechanism adjustment.

“Currently, the electric board is too mobile to counterattack. We will reduce the speed and add reload time to the board. After the update, we will no longer see players cutting the map on top of an electric board.”

  • After the update, the electric board will be unequipped when it receives damage.

Reload time added for:

  • Activating the electric board
  • Speed Bonus
  • Heals

5. Elite Pass

  • New interface and missions.

“We haven’t brought the Fire Pass news in quite some time. In this update, we’ve made some improvements to the interface for the missions so that players will have an easier time tracking their progress in each season. Next season, we’ll adjust the mission mechanisms so that players have a better experience while advancing on the pass. Keep an eye out for more information! “

  • Weekly missions have replaced veteran and Elite missions.

6. System

1. HUD

  • New HUD page in the main lobby.

“It is now possible to save two different patterns for the HUD for different game modes. You asked, and we listened!”

  • Players can now have 2 sets of HUD saved.

2. Ranked Mode Interface

  • Entrance added to the lobby

“We’ve added a special page for the rankings. With this new interface, it will be easier to check your stats and rewards for the ranked season for both Battle Royale and Clash Squad. It is easier to race to see who gets to the top first!”

  • New ranked interface now available!

3. Utilities Menu

  • Available in the settings menu.

“Now you can rotate the utility menu to adjust the HUD anywhere on the screen.”

  • Players can now rotate the HUD utility menu in the game.

4. Free Fire Partners

  • The Free Fire Partner program is available!

“You will be able to see Free Fire Partners with their special emblems in the game. Find them and show your favorite emote!”

  • Free Fire partners will receive special in-game badges.

7. Bug Fix and Optimizations

  • Optimization of Kill Camera in Classic Mode.
  • In-Game optimization for players to better control their movement,
  • Players can now follow the jump leader again
  • Most secondary weapon will appear on players’ model.

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