Free Fire And One Punch Man Collaboration Details: Bundles & Skins Leaked

Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games available on mobile, with more than 500 million players worldwide. Recently it has achieved another milestone of achieving 100 billion views on YouTube.

This much of popularity is not everyone’s cup of tea, and maintaining it continuously is another level of the difficult task. But Free Fire managed to do all of that possible to attract more and more players and keep the players engaged. The main role is played by the collaboration of Free Fire with different franchises.

In the past, we have seen the Money Heist collaboration, and it broke all the records by collaborating with famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo. There were various other collaborations brought in-game events, bundles, skins, and much more. This time Free Fire is going to collaborate with the One Punch Man (OPM) anime series.

About One Punch Man Anime:

One-Punch Man is a Japanese superhero franchise created by the artist ONE. The anime tells the story of a superhero named ‘Saitama.’ He can defeat any opponent with a single punch but now finding a worthy foe after getting bored by the lack of challenges due to his overwhelming strength.

About One Punch Man (OPM) x Free Fire (FF) Collaboration:

Several leaks suggest that it is going to be a long-term collaboration that might bring a new character with the skills shown in the OPM anime. But our expertise denies this because we already have a character named ‘Kla’ who can defeat any player with his single punch. But leave it on Garena that whether to introduce another character or keep this collaboration for a single event only.

There will always be some costumes, bundles, and skins to bring the collaboration experience to the game apart from the event with every collaboration. Here we bring the leaked costumes and skins in this post.

1. Bald Free Fire Cover Pack

This costume shows the looks of Saitama when he is fighting. It comes with a yellow shirt and white cloak that is supported by a bald head.

2. Genos Pack – One Punch Man Free Fire

Genos is one of the characters in the One Punch Man anime. The costume also looks quite similar to the looks of the character from the series.

3. Saitama Pajama Pack – One Punch Man Free Fire

If you are a fan of One Punch Man anime, you must not be strange to this dress of the Saitama character. He has been seen in several scenes wearing this costume.

4. M4A1 Genos – One Punch Man

There is also a skin of M4A1 gun that will be called ‘M4A1 Genos’ – “the weapon of the lonely cyborg”.

Free Fire x One Punch Man Collaboration Release Date:

The One Punch Man (OPM) x Free Fire (FF) Collaboration is scheduled to release in January 2021. The exact release date and details of the collaboration will be available as we get near to the January 2021.

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