How To Level Up Fast And Reach The Maximum Level In Free Fire

As you start playing Free Fire, you come across many features of the game, and one such feature is ‘Level.’ There are many things in the game that depends upon the level, such as new players can only start playing ranked matches after reaching Level 8. Even whether you are a pro player or not, get decided by the level you are at. The less your level is, the less you are considered to be versed with the game.

All the players in the game work hard to level up as soon as possible. Leveling up in the game looks quite easy as you start playing the game, but after crossing Level 20, it becomes a bit difficult, and after Level 50, it becomes quite a tough task. By the time you reach Level 80, it seems to be quite impossible.

Whether you are a newbie or an old player, the question in everyone’s mind is, what is the maximum level of Free Fire (FF)?. This post will share complete details about the Level system of the game and how to reach the maximum level fast.

What Is The Maximum Level In Free Fire?

There has not been made any official commitment from the Garena about the maximum level to reach in Free Fire. But many players are committed to reaching level 100, which is believed to be the highest level in Free Fire. As of now, no players managed to achieve such glory.

How To Level Up Faster In Free Fire?

To level up in Free Fire, one has to get XP, which is the game experience. The more matches you play, the more XP you earn. But it is the default way of leveling up; what about the faster way of leveling up. The best way is to use the ‘Double XP Card.’

Players can get the Double XP Cards from the Luck Royale section or from the Store. Using these cards, players get double the experience after each match, which helps to level up fast.

In addition to the Double XP Card, the following tips can help you:

  • Play Battle Royale Mode than mini-games (Clash Royale, TDM, etc.)
  • Fall far from the plane’s route to avoid getting shot early in the match.
  • Play Ranked Battle Royale Matches as they provide % more XP.

Remember, the longer you survive, the more XP you get and consequently level up faster. Each time you reach the new level, the game rewards you with Gold coins and other in-game items that even include skins and bundles.

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