Free Fire Getting New Melee Weapon ‘Scythe’ On New Year

As you all know, Free Fire recently got its OB25 update on December 7, 2020. But before that, developers made available the advance server that is a dedicated server for testing the upcoming features of the game. In this advanced server before the OB25 update, a new melee weapon ‘Scythe’ was available.

The OB25 update did not bring Scythe to the game because developers had their plans to introduce it on the new year’s occasion. You must have already got the information that, on the new year, Free Fire will also be getting the Bermuda 2.0 / Bermuda Remastered map.

The reworked Bermuda map will not be permanent in the game; it will be available for a limited time only. It doesn’t apply to this new melee weapon as it will be available for a permanent duration.

As you must know, the melee weapon does not fire any ammunition; instead, these can only be used by the hands within a very short range. It is going to be a weapon from the category of Katana, Bat, etc. Its availability in the game will be common.

The unique thing that makes it stand out from others is its range. Scythe will come with the farthest range compared to all available melee weapons. If you play Free Fire regularly, you must already have experienced this weapon in the limited time mode called ‘Grim Reaper.’

If you did not get the chance to experience this new weapon neither in the Grim Reaper mode nor in the Advanced Server, no need to worry, the new year surprise is coming soon.

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