Free Fire Scopes Guide: Thermal Scope or 4x, Which Is Best?

As a battle royale game, Free Fire requires your aim to be best to eliminate your enemy before he does the same with you. To assist you with your perfect aim, Free Fire offers many scopes in the game ranging from 1x to 8x capacity. These are as follows: Red Dot, Thermal Scope, 2x, 4x, and 8x scope.

Each of them comes with its advantages as well as disadvantages. However, this post will only discuss, which one is best for the aim among Thermal Scope and 4x scope.

Thermal Scope:

Thermal scope is a general sight to assist you with your aim but also has the function of seeing enemies from a distance. As the name suggests, Thermal Scope is different because its vision is in green.

The green color helps in spotting the hidden enemies because the thermal scope is capable of distinguishing between objects and players due to their body temperature. The enemies/players can be seen in the orange color through the Thermal scope.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Thermal Scope:

Advantages of Thermal Scope:

  • Showing the shape of the opponent’s body makes it easy to hit the enemy.
  • Thermal Scope makes it quite easy to find the enemies hidden in the bushes.

Disadvantages of Thermal Scope:

  • Thermal Scope does not come with crosshair similar to other scopes.
  • New users might find it difficult to use Thermal Scope.

4x Scope:

4x scope allows players to eliminate enemies who are far away from them. A quick scan can be made of the area until far distance. Players can equip it with Assault Rifles to get the best results and to eliminate the players at a long distance.

Advantages of 4x:

  • Suitable for beginners because it shows an image similar to the original.
  • Visualization farther than Thermal Scope.
  • Can be found easily on the map.

Disadvantages of 4x:

  • Not possible to distinguish enemies from objects as Thermal Scope does.


If you are a new player, start with 4x scope and meanwhile get habitual of Thermal Scope. If you need only visibility while zooming, 4x is made for you only. So both of these sights have different purposes, you need to decide yours.

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