Free Fire SCAR Megalodon Skin: Release Date, Effects Leaked

With the new year 2021, Free Fire will start a new beginning from January 1, 2021. The most attractive and exciting feature coming with this new year is the new Bermuda map / Bermuda 2.0 / Bermuda Remastered. Apart from this, various other new things/features are coming to the game, and one such feature is the new evolutionary gun skin ‘SCAR Megalodon’.

There are currently SCAR Titan and SCAR Cupid among the most popular skins of SCAR in Free Fire, but this new skin is definitely going to replace both of them. After AK Blue Flame Draco and UMP Booyah Day, the SCAR Megalodon will be the third evolutionary skin in Free Fire. It will come with six different and exclusive effects: shooting effect, kill effect, special emote, etc.

SCAR Megalodon: Appearance 

SCAR Megalodon comes with the basic appearance of a red and black shark. According to Wikipedia, Megalodon means “big tooth” and is an extinct species of shark that lived approximately 28 million years ago. It is said to be the strongest marine predator on earth. It shows that SCAR Megalodon is also going to be the most vigorous SCAR skin in Free Fire.

SCAR Megalodon: Hit Effect

When a player shoots an enemy using SCAR Megalodon, the red fangs effect resembling shark bite show up added with blood splashes. It seems like a very ferocious Megalodon shark devours your enemy.

SCAR Megalodon: Firing Effect

Bullet firing of SCAR Megalodon produces an effect that reflects a splash of blood.

SCAR Megalodon: Kill Effect

When killed by a SCAR Megalodon, an animation appears as your enemy is attacked by a red Megalodon shark that resembles a sea of blood under the feet of the enemy.

SCAR Megalodon: Exclusive Emote

Just like Blue Flame Draco AK skin, the SCAR Megalodon will also come with an exclusive emote. It shows a red aura around your right hand when you summon the SCAR Megalodon weapon.

SCAR Megalodon: Kill Announcement

When you kill an enemy using SCAR Megalodon, the announcement of kill appears in red (EVO / tier 6) and is accompanied by an animation of a Megalodon shark.

How To Get SCAR Megalodon:

No official announcement has been made by the developer regarding the availability of the SCAR Megalodon. If you look at Blue Flame Draco’s availability in the game, it was done through an in-game event called ‘Faded Wheel’ where you try your luck to get the rewards, including the Draco AK skin. It required you to spend a minimum of 0 diamonds and a maximum of 733 diamonds.

You have to upgrade these skins to get all the effects. The upgrade can be done using the special tokens you can get either from Elite Pass or from the Shop. The same applies to the SCAR Megalodon also. But how it will be introduced in the game is still a surprise.

Free Fire SCAR Megalodon Release Date:

The new evolutionary skin SCAR Megalodon is scheduled to release on January 2, 2021.

What do you think about SCAR Megalodon, whether it is going to be better than Blue Flame Draco AK? Are you going to put all your efforts to get it? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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