Free Fire Black Market Event Complete Details

Free Fire (FF) has got a new event called ‘Black Market’ between January 5, 2021, to January 11, 2021. You can get up to 90% discount on the items available in this event. Suddenly, the 90% discount in Free Fire reminds the Mystery Shop event that has not been introduced in the game for a long time. But let’s get some items from the Black Market at a discounted price.

The Black Market Event of Free Fire provides a minimum of 20% discount and a maximum of 90% discount. As you enter the Black Market Event’s lobby, you get to see three rows of items displayed in the market. Each row has six items in it, making total 18 items in the three rows.

The first row items are available at a discount of 20%, second-row items at a 25% discount, and the third-row items at a 30% discount. The event lets you select three items and buy them together. You are free to choose the three items from any single row or from the different rows. The final discount will be the sum of the discount for each item that can be a maximum of 90% if all 3 items are selected from the last row.

You select 3 items and pay the discounted price; after that, the purchased items get removed from the prize pool. The event ends for you when you purchase all the 18 items from the event.

The items of the event are as follows:

First RowSecond RowThird Row
The Aurous Ascension BundleThreaten Emote10x Phantom P90 Box
The Azure Annihilation BundleShake It Up Emote10x Aurous Dragon Scar Box
Skull King BundleVampire Backpack10x Hipster Bunny M79 Box
Lab Giant BundleViking’s Spirit Backpack10x Hunger UMP Box
Clown Car SkinJack-In-The-Box Loot Box10x Water Balloon AK Box
Flaming Hydra Bike SkinHunter’s Trophy Loot Box10x Vigilante Famas Box

Discover up to 90% discount for yourself today!

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