Free Fire x One Punch Man Collaboration Event Date & Details Leaked

We shared some information about the upcoming collaboration of Free Fire with One Punch Man in our previous post. We were not sure about the release date at that time, but we expected it to release in January 2021. We are happy to let you know that the expectation has come true, and Free Fire (FF) x One Punch Man (OPM) collaboration is releasing on January 10, 2021.

On January 15, 2021, the game’s main interface will undergo a special transformation that will reflect the iconic One-Punch Man elements. As always, the collaboration will be celebrated through an in-game event. The event will bring many OPM themed freebies to grab by completing some tasks.

The Hero Trial event will start on January 10, 2021. As per the official announcement picture, the event’s name will be ‘The Hero Trial,’ and the event’s peak day will be January 23, 2021. You must be aware that players can grab free in-game items on the peak day of major events just by logging in to the game. Below is the leaked information about OPM themed in-game items coming to FF during the collaboration event.

FF x OPM Collaboration Event Items:

The collaboration will bring many items to the game. Some of them will be given through the event for free, and the remaining items will be made available for diamonds. It can be through the top-up event and Luck Royale section.


1. Bald Free Fire Cover Pack

This costume shows the looks of Saitama when he is fighting. It comes with a yellow shirt and white cloak that is supported by a bald head.

2. Genos Pack – One Punch Man Free Fire

Genos is one of the characters in the One Punch Man anime. The costume also looks quite similar to the looks of the character from the series.

3. Saitama Pajama Pack – One Punch Man Free Fire

If you are a fan of One Punch Man anime, you must not be strange to this dress of the Saitama character. He has been seen in several scenes wearing this costume.

Backpack Skins:

1. Crablante


2. Deep-Sea King


3. Boros


Fist Skin – One Punch Man:


Obliteration and I’m Saitama Emotes:

Gun Skins:

1. M4A1 Genos – One Punch Man

2. Megapunch M1887

The image of this new skin is not available right now. As of now, only the name is with us. We will update it as soon as we get any other information.

As of now, these are the leaks that have come to our knowledge. Things will get 100% clear only after the release of the event in the game.

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