Free Fire’s ‘The Last Laugh’ Event Complete Details

Free Fire (FF) has got a new event called ‘The Last Laugh’ between January 8, 2021, to January 14, 2021. The event comes with three grand prizes among a total of 12 rewards. The grand prizes are the first-ever skin of Vector gun ‘Taunting Smile,’ Rosy Smile Bundle, and Rosy Grin Bundle.

In this event, you have to make spins to win these rewards. As you enter the event lobby, you get to see three rows of items with four items in each row. At the bottom of those rows, there are two options available to make spins. By making the spins, you get the 4×3=12 rewards shown above.

The two options available for making spins are ‘1 Spin’ and ’10+1 Spins’. 1 Spin cost 25 diamonds and 10+1 Spins costs 100 diamonds for the first time and after that, 250 diamonds for each purchase. With each spin, you can get any item from the 12 items of the event.

There is no restriction on getting one item repeatedly, which makes making spins a loop with no maximum limit. If you notice the rows, you will find that all three rows consist of a grand prize at the beginning of them. By making the spins, if you get the grand prize of one row, the whole row eliminates from the event. It increases your chances of getting the remaining two grand prizes.

The same happens with the remaining two grand prizes. If you get the second grand prize, you are left with only a single row of rewards. The event ends for you when you get the last grand prize also.

The Last Laugh Event’s Prize Pool:

Row 1Row 2Row 3
Vector – Taunting SmileRosy Smile Bundle Rosy Grin Bundle
Cube FragmentDiamond Royale Voucher (Expire By 28 Feb)Weapon Royale Voucher (Expire By 28 Feb)
T.R.A.P. Famas BoxHunger UMP BoxCarnival M4A1 Box
Digital Invasion Gun BoxKPOP Stardom Gun BoxPink Devil Gun Box

Get the first ever Vector gunskin and permanent costume bundles today!

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