Get Free ‘Shark Attack Loot Box’ and ‘Gate To Oblivion Gloo Wall’ In Free Fire’s Shark Attack Top-Up Event

Free Fire (FF) recently got its first-ever evolutionary skin of the SCAR gun and the game’s third evolutionary skin. It is named ‘Megalodon Alpha SCAR,’ you can check out details here about how to get it. This gun is based on a Shark theme, and after this, we are getting two more shark-themed items with the recent top-up event.

Free Fire has got a new top-up event named ‘Shark Attack’ in the game between January 9, 2021, to January 15, 2021. The event brings two free items named ‘Shark Attack Loot Box’ and ‘Gate To Oblivion Gloo Wall.’

If the name ‘top-up event’ looks strange to you, let us tell you that Free Fire keeps on getting top-up events in the game to incentivize more and more players to top-up diamonds in their accounts. In these events, players have to top-up a particular amount of diamonds in their accounts, and for that, they get some freebies. This time the freebies are the Gloo Wall skin and the Loot Box skin.

During the Shark Attack Top-Up event, if you top up 100 diamonds in your account, you get the ‘Shark Attack Loot Box’ skin. If you top-up 500 diamonds in your account, you get the ‘Gate To Oblivion Gloo Wall’ skin.

You get these rewards absolutely for free because you have to top-up some particular amount of diamonds in your Free Fire account and don’t have to spend a single of them. You get the mentioned items for a top-up of 100 and 500 diamonds and use these diamonds for purchasing other in-game items.

Also note, you do not need to make two separate top-ups of 100 and 500 diamonds. You just need to make a single top-up of 500 diamonds or more, and you can get both the rewards. If you top-up of any amount less than 500, it only satisfies the condition of top-up of 100 diamonds, so you get only one reward.

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