Free Fire Next January 2021 Incubator ‘Sonic Weapons’ Bringing P90 Skins

The ‘Time Travellers’ Incubator is about to end in Free Fire on January 16, 2021. After that, a new incubator with new items will be introduced in the game. If you don’t know what Incubator in Free Fire is? Let us tell you that, Incubator is available in the ‘Luck Royale’ section and brings new and unique items in the game that never been or will be available in FF through any other event or shop.

To get the items of the Incubator, you have to make spins by spending diamonds. You can make one spin by paying 40 diamonds and five spins by paying 180 diamonds. There are also Incubator Vouchers to make spins. One spin costs 1 Incubator Voucher, and five spins cost five vouchers. By making these spins, you get the rewards, including the main rewards.

The Incubator’s prize pool also includes ‘Evolution Stone’ and ‘Blueprint.’ Both of these items combined also let you exchange them for the grand prizes. So if you do not get the grand prize(s) by making spins, you can use the Evolution Stone and Blueprint to redeem them.

Free Fire January 2021 Incubator Details:

The current Time Travellers incubator will end on January 16, 2021, at 12:00 AM IST. After that, the upcoming Incubator, ‘Sonic Weapons’ will be released in the game on the very next day that is January 17, 2021. It will bring the new Sonic Weapons P90 skins.

Sonic Weapons Incubator – P90:

1. Bombshell P90

The Bombshell P90 will be the ‘Sonic Weapons’ Incubator’s rarest skin, as it has legendary attributes

2. Roaring P90

The Roaring P90 skin will be the second most expensive skin in the Incubator and comes with a pink tone.

3. Noisy P90

The Noisy P90 skin will be intermediate skin in the Sonic Weapons incubator and comes with a predominantly blue tone.

4. Resounding P90

The Resounding P90 will be the easiest to obtain in the Incubator and comes with a green tone.

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