Free Fire Strike Down Event Details: Get Rapper Overlord Bundle

Free Fire (FF) has got a new event called ‘Strike Down’ between January 12, 2021, to January 18, 2021. It guarantees you to win the ‘Rapper Overlord Bundle’ among other rewards. In this event, you hit cans using a ball to get the hidden reward in it that can be the grand prize or other small rewards.

As you enter the event lobby, you get to see three cans in the middle of your screen. Each can have an item shown on it, which is the item hidden inside it. At the right bottom, a ‘Throw’ button is given using that you throw the ball and it hits 1 of 3 cans, and you get the item hidden inside the can.

But you are not supposed to get the grand prize by hitting the cans. Instead, you get that by collecting the event tokens that you get by hitting the cans. The event consists of 3 rounds, each round comes with three cans, and these three cans have three different items, and among them, one item is ‘Token.’

The round ends when you get the token by hitting the can(s), and you enter the next round. But throwing the ball to hit a can is not available for free. You have to spend diamonds for each throw. The first throw of each round costs 29 diamonds, the second throw costs 99 diamonds, and the third throw costs 299 diamonds.

If you get the token in the first or second throw, you get to the next round without spending diamonds for the remaining throw(s) of the round. There are three main rewards for each round you complete. When you get the first token, you get the ‘Party Dance’ emote. By the second emote, you get ‘Night Panther’ pet. And with the last token, you get the grand prize ‘Rapper Overlord Bundle.’

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