Free Fire OB26 Advance Server First Impression: New Character Shirou, New Pet Dreki, New Gun MAG-7 & Much More

As shared in our previous post, the Free Fire’s (FF) OB26 Advance Server downloads have started, and the server is live now. As always, to deliver the fastest and latest Free Fire related news and updates, we are here with the new features available in the Advanced Server.

The OB26 update in Free Fire is expected to release on February 4, 2021. But the upcoming features are being tried out on the advanced server so that any bugs and glitches available can be fixed before the global release. So let’s being with the new features coming with the OB26 update in Free Fire.

1. New Lobby

As always, a new lobby will come with the update. It will be based on the One Punch Man theme, which results from the recent collaboration of Free Fire with the franchise. There will be a fighting ring in the center of the lobby surrounded by huge banners of one punch man on big screens. All the players in the lobby get firecrackers in their hands to enjoy and celebrate the waiting period in a unique way.

2. New Graphics Setting

The new graphics setting will allow you to change the visuals of the game. There are 4 options available: Classic, Bright, Vivid, and Ocean. You can choose the preferred one based on your convenience. These are basically the filters. These may also cause performance issues. If your device experience excessive heat or lagging, you can switch back to the default setting.

3. Stereo Noisemaker Bundle

A new bundle named ‘Stereo Noisemaker’ is available in the Advanced Server. It will be made available through an in-game event after the OB26 update.

4. New Pet – Dreki

The new Dreki pet looks like a cute little Dragon. It comes with a special skill called ‘Dragon Glare.’ Using this special ability, the owner can spot 1 opponent who is using Medkits within a 10-meter range. It lasts for 3 seconds. By leveling up the pet, the effects will increase.

5. New Character – Shirou

Shirou is the fastest delivery guy around. It comes with a passive skill (special ability) called ‘Damage Delivered.’ When an enemy hits the user from within 50 meters, the said attacker is marked for 3 seconds (marking only visible to the user). Also first shot on marked enemies has 10% additional armor penetration. Cooldown: 60 seconds. The Shirou character comes with an exclusive ‘Hurricane Delivery Set.’

6. New Character – Mystery Character

The looks of the character are not added in the Advanced Server. But it hints that another real-life inspired character is coming to the Free Fire. Because before introducing the CR7 (Chrono) character, it was named as ‘Mystery Character’ on the Advanced Server.

The new Mystery Character comes with an Active skill called ‘Riptide Rhythm.’ The special ability unleashes a sonic wave forward, damage 5 Gloo walls within 20 meters. Cool Down: 65 Seconds. Also, each Glooo wall deployed will result in increasing HP recovery beginning from 2 points.

7. Clash Squad – MP5 Is Back

The most loved gun of the Clash Squad Season 3 is coming back with the Clash Squad Season 5 to be released on February 5, 2021, after the OB26 update. We might also get to see ‘Golden MP5’ as the main reward on reaching Gold III-tier in Clash Squad (CS) Season 5.

8. New Gun: MAG-7

A new shotgun named ‘MAG-7’ is coming with the OB26 update. It comes with a magazine capacity of 8 bullets. As per our expertise, it can be a good competitor to M1887, the most used shotgun of Free Fire.

As of now, these are the new features available on the Advanced Server. The server will be live until January 28, 2021, so other new features will be added with time. We assure you to keep updated with all the upcoming new features also.

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