Free Fire’s New Evolutionary Skin ‘MP40 Predatory Cobra’: Release Date, Effects & Other Details

Free Fire recently received its OB26 update on February 4, 2021. The update was based on the theme ‘Project Cobra.’ After the update, we are also about to see a major event named ‘Project Cobra’ in the game. In the upcoming days, based on the Cobra theme, we will get a new Evo Gun / Evolutionary Skin also in Free Fire (FF).

The already available three evolutionary weapons in Free Fire are Blue Flame Draco AK, UMP – Booyah Day, and Megalodon Alpha Scar. This time we will be getting the ‘MP40 Predatory Cobra’ skin. It will be the fourth evolutionary skin of Free Fire and will be made available in the game through the Faded Wheel Event in the Luck Royale section.

MP40 Predatory Cobra Skin Release Date:

The new M40 Predatory Cobra Evo Skin will be available in the game from February 20, 2021. Just like every evolutionary gun skin, there will be a special token to upgrade this gun also. The token is called ‘Venomous Fang Token’ that you can buy from the Store, and you will also get them from the Elite Pass of March 2021 (Season 34).

MP40 Predatory Cobra Skin Effects:

The MP40 Predatory Cobra skin has three different appearances that get unlock at the specific levels: 1, 3, and 7.

MP40 Predatory Cobra: Level 1

At level 1, it looks like a futuristic robot. Mainly it is dominated by the black and red color theme. It also has a red inscription ‘Cobra’ on one of the sides.

MP40 Venomous Cobra: Level 3

At level 3, the appearance change to a mini cobra. The color effect remains the same as black and red. The shape of Cobra starts from the head but does no cover the whole gun. This red cobra effect covers all sides of the gun.

MP40 Venomous Cobra: Level 7

At level 7, the gun is fully upgraded, and you get to see the real look of this evolutionary skin. Its appearance looks very cool, and now the Cobra has become a huge one. The Cobra starts from the head of the gun with huge teeth and goes on until the end with its tail.

What do you think about MP40 Predatory Cobra, whether it is going to be better than the previous Evo guns? Are you going to put all your efforts to get it? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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