Free Fire Regional Battle Season 6 Details: Here Is How To complete

The Regional Battle event of Free Fire is here with its another season. This time, it is Season 6 that is available between March 3, 2021, to March 30, 2021. The winner of previous season 5 was Bangladesh. If you participated in its previous seasons, it should not be something new for you. But if it is, we are here for you.

What Is Free Fire Regional Battle Event?

Garena introduces the Regional Battle event in Free Fire (FF) for players of Indian server that includes three countries: India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. In this event, you participate for the glory of your country. Players from these countries play matches and earn points from them. At the end of the season, the country with the most number of points becomes the winner, and the rewards get distributed to the players who participated.

How To Register For Free Fire Regional Battle Season 6:

The registration of Regional Battle Season 6 (S6) is being taken in-game only. As you enter the event lobby, you get three options on your screen: Bangladesh, India, and Nepal. You select your country and confirm the same on the next screen. Now, you play matches during the event period and get rewarded with freebies at the end of the season.

How To Earn Points In Regional Battle Season 4:

Just like the normal days, players need to play the matches in Battle Royale or Clash Squad Mode. It can be Casual or Ranked matches. By playing matches, players get points for both positioning and kill that are as follows:

2nd Place100
3rd Place50

Using these points, your score will be calculated in the following categories:

  1. Weekly Individual Score
  2. Season Individual Score
  3. Season Global Score
  4. Milestone Rewards

The individual rewards get distributed based on the points within the region of the player. The Global rewards get distributed based on the average points of the region as compared to other regions. The Global rewards will be given to all players of the winner region (country). Milestone rewards get distributed based on completing the given milestone. Also note, all of these rewards get directly sent to your vault.

Regional Battle Season 4 Rewards:

1. Weekly Individual

2. Seasonal Individual

3. Seasonal Group

4. Milestone Rewards

Free Fire Regional Battle Season 4 FAQs:

Q.1 When Will Free Fire Regional Battle Season 6 Start?

A. March 3, 2021

Q.2 When Will Free Fire Regional Battle Season 6 End?

A. March 30, 2021

Q.3 How Many Regional Participate In Free Fire Regional Battle Season 6?

A. 3

Q.4 Which Regions Participate In Free Fire Regional Battle Season 6?

A. India, Nepal. and Bangladesh

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