What Are All Things You Can Buy With Gold Coins In Free Fire & How?

Free Fire (FF) is among the most popular battle royale games available on mobile. It comes with two in-game currencies using which players can purchase various in-game items and other things. One is called ‘Diamond’ and another ‘Gold.’

Diamonds can only be acquired by spending real money or if one of your friends gifts them to you. But Gold Coins are the relatively low-level currency of the game and can be acquired easily. You can get Gold Coins for free after every match, by log-in into the game, and through many other ways.

As a regular Free Fire player, you must know that diamonds make a big difference in your appearance and gameplay in the game. But diamonds are not the cup of tea of everyone. But you gather many Gold Coins, and sometimes, you don’t even know what to do with them.

This post will share complete details about the items you can buy with Gold Coins in Free Fire and how to do so. In other words, what are the usage of gold coins in Free Fire (FF)?

1. Buying Characters Using Gold Coins

Free Fire offers a character system in the game that lets you experience different gameplay with each character due to their special skills. These characters you can obtain from the Store. Most of these characters are available in exchange for diamonds, but not everyone can afford diamonds; hence Free Fire offers some characters in exchange for Gold Coins as well.

To buy diamonds using Gold Coins, head to the Store section from the home screen’s left side. Here, under the normal tab, go to the ‘Character’ section. Here you get to see the complete list of characters available in the game with their purchase price. All the characters have their price listed in diamonds, but as you scroll down, you will see some listed with prices in Gold Coins as well.

The following characters are available to be purchased using Gold Coins:

CharactersGold CoinsDiamonds

To buy a particular character, you need to select the character and click on ‘Purchase.’ Select the gold coin amount and buy the character successfully.

2. Buying Items Using Gold Coins

Apart from buying characters using Gold Coins, some other items in the store can be purchased in exchange for Gold Coins. The following items are available to be purchased using Gold Coins:

Bounty Token30015
Resupply Map20010
Summon Airdrop20010
Armor Crate1005
Supply Crate1005
Leg Pockets1005

To buy a particular item, click and select the item, and click on ‘Purchase.’ Select the gold coin amount and buy the item successfully.

3. Upgrading Characters Using Gold Coins

The character system of the Free Fire allows you to upgrade the characters to enhance their special abilities. Upgrading requires the character’s fragment + either gold coins or diamonds. The following are the required number of gold coins to level up any Free Fire character:

Levelfragmentsgold coins diamonds
Level 210050020
Level 3300100060
Level 45002000120
Level 515008000250
Level 6400016000350

To upgrade any character, go to the ‘Character’ section from the lobby’s left side. Select the character you want to upgrade and click on ‘Level Up.’ Here you need to select the Gold Coins option while upgrading the character.

4. Gold Royale

With every update, the item in the Gold Royale changes. If you don’t know, what Gold Royale is, let us tell you that it is available under the ‘Luck Royale’ section accessible from the left side of the screen. In Luck Royale, you try your luck to win prizes available through various options, and one such option is the ‘Gold Royale.’

In Gold Royale, the main prize changes with every update, which means you have the time of around 2 months to win that prize. There is only one way of getting the main prize, and it is by making spins. There are two ways of making spins: using Gold Royale Vouchers and using Gold Coins.

It is also the best way to use the Gold Coins and get the Gold Royale’s main prize. In Gold Royale, one spin is available for 300 Gold Coins, and 10+1 Spins available for 3000 Gold Coins.

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