Free Fire: Upcoming Skins In OB27 Update

Free Fire’s (FF) OB27 update is expected to release on April 15, 2021, which will bring a lot of new features to the game. You can check out the leaks here. But apart from the new features, a true Free Fire player must be equally excited for the new skins coming to the game after the update.

This post will share all the leaks available about the new skins coming to the game after the OB27 update. The skins include Backpack skins, Vehicle skins, and the most exciting, gun skins. So let’s begin:

Vehicle Skins:

1. Monster Truck

There will be two new Monster Truck skins that players will get to see in the Elite Passes. It may be available in any two Elite Passes from April, May, and June month.

2. Pick-Up Truck

There will be four new skins of pick-up trucks. These are expected to be available in the Elite Passes, Top-Up Events, and collaboration events.

3. Bike

There will be two new skins of Bike. A skin similar to red+orange (no. 1 below) skin is already available in the game. It will be in addition to the already available skin. The Blue skin (no. 2 below) will be made available through Elite Pass.

4. Lamborghini

A new Lamborghini skin will be available. It might be available in the top-up event introduced as a result of the upcoming collaboration.

Backpack Skins

The no. 1 and no. 2 backpacks will be available in the same Elite Pass, and no. 3 and no. 4 backpacks will come in another Elite Pass together.

The green-colored guitar backpack look-alike is already available in the game in red color. Now, the green-colored will be in addition to that.

Weapon Skins

P90 (no. 1 below), AWM (no. 2 below), M1887 (no. 3 below), and P90 (no. 4 below) would have a theme box. You must know that the theme box brings a similar kind of skins for all the guns available in it.

G18 (no. 5 below) and USP (no. 6 below) Skin will be made available under Elite Pass. MAG-7 (no.7 below) is also expected to be made available through Elite Pass only. SVD (no. 8 below) and Thompson (no. 9 below) skins will be made available through any other method.

  • Melee weapon skins are also there.

From the skins of SCAR (no. 12 below), M1887 (no. 13 below), AN94 (no. 14 below), M500 (no. 15 below), and Thompson (no. 16 below), some will be available in Elite Pass, some in Weapon Royale, and rest in the theme box.

Expected Incubator or Evo Skin

An M1887’s unique skin is also there. If you look at it with full focus, you can notice that it does not look like the original M1887, which means it is not regular skin in the game. As a true Free Fire player, you must know that when skin changes the gun’s looks, either it is available in the Incubator or is an evolutionary skin. So we can expect new M1887 skin in either of them.

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