Free Fire To Get New Female Character ‘Xtreme’ With OB27 Update

Free Fire (FF) is about to get its OB27 update on April 15, 2021, and before that, a dedicated testing server called ‘Advance Server’ will be released to test all the new additions coming to the game with the update. As always, there will be new characters, a new pet, new mechanisms, and much more. You can check out the complete details here.

In this post, we are going to share one more leak we got to know about the upcoming features of the OB27 update, and it is about the new female character. The name of the new female character would be ‘Xtreme.’ The character would be made available on the Advance Server, but until global release, none of Advance Server contents can be said as confirmed.

About Free Fire Xtreme Character & Special Ability:

If Xtreme character manages to come to the global server after being tested on the Advanced Server, it would be the game’s newest female character. It has big, colorful hair, piercing on her eyebrows and nose. It also has a very cool costume that reflects the parachute style.

The Xtreme character comes with an Active skill that includes it in the category of famous characters such as DJ Alok, Chrono, Skyler, and Kamir.

It is officially announced that Xtreme’s special skill increases the HP for a few seconds, increases damage to armors such as vests and helmets, and also deals more damage to glue walls.

In simple words, if a player uses Xtreme character, he will be able to cause more damage, whether on the enemy or glue wall, and the same happens with any weapon she uses.

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