Free Fire To Get New Pet ‘ETzin’ After OB27 Update

Free Fire’s (FF) OB27 update is scheduled to release on April 14, 2021. It will bring a lot of changes to the game, including two new characters – Xtreme and MR1, and an Elite version of the already available character ‘Andrew,’ new machine gun KORD, new pistol USP-2, and much more. You can check out the complete details here.

This post is going to add one more new feature to the list that is the new pet of the OB27 update. With every update, a new pet comes to the game, and this time, it will be ‘ETzin.’ This new pet looks like the hypothetical aliens we see in the movies and TV series.

ETzin can be seen wearing a Cap and bandana. While sitting on his UFO, he is playing Free Fire on his mobile. As we all know, pets in Free Fire provide simple buffs to the players, which can be sustained, aggressive, defensive, and much more. Similarly, the ETzin pet will also provide a buff to the players by his special ability.

ETzin Pet’s Special Ability or Skill:

ETzin’s special ability reduces the damage taken while the character is using the healing items. In simple words, if the character is using Medical Kits, Inhaler, and even Healing Pistols, the damage suffered while the process would be less.

His skill would be very useful for the players with an aggressive playing style because they demand a high amount of healing items. The new ETzin pet will be available to play on the Advanced Server opening from April 1, 2021. You can register and download the same from here.

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