What Are Bots In Free Fire? How To Recognize A Bot In FF?

Free Fire is one of the most battle royale games available on mobile, with more than 100 million active players worldwide. The game also provides various game modes to be enjoyed by the players. Such as Classic Battle Royale Mode, Ranked Battle Royale Mode, Clash Squad Mode, and much more. In all these modes, you compete against other real players of your server.

Even after being this many active players, sometimes a situation arises that in Classic Battle Royale games, the game mechanism adds the required number of bots to the match because of the lack of players to fill the lobby. Just to mention, there are no bots in the mini-game modes such as Clash Squad, Team Deathmatch, Gun King, etc. Also, in Ranked Battle Royale matches also, there are very few chances of bots being there.

What Are Bots In Free Fire (FF)?

Bots are computer-controlled players and do not possess the fighting skills that human players do. They are there in the match to fulfill the vacancies that remained due to the lack of real players in the match. Such as, in a lobby of 25 teams, if there are only 20 real-players teams, the game mechanism would add five teams of bots to give you some extra kills and balance your gaming experience.

How To Identify A Bot In Free Fire (FF)?

Bots can always be seen moving in a standard pattern, such as a bot would neve loot resources and does not spray fire at anyone. They are programmed to shoot at the nearby enemies only and even without taking any cover and all.

If you chase them, they run away and don’t stare at you. Checking someone is a bot or not using this technique is quite risky, but it is the way you can prefer to eliminate them.

Sometimes, bots surprise you appearing nearby out of nowhere. They never perform any emotes and always stand while firing. When you fire at them, they just run in a straight line, and like normal players, they do not jump and run in zig-zag format.

How To Look Like A Bot In Free Fire?

If you want to confuse others to kill them surprisingly, becoming a bot can be the best way. By becoming a bot means looking like a bot. Apart from the points mentioned above, 2 important things you need to do is:

1. Dress Like A New Player

If you remember the starting days when you started playing Free Fire, there used to be 1 or 2 simple costumes in your vault. It is the right time to use them to become a bot. Because bots always appear wearing those costumes, they never come in the legendary costumes as real-life players do.

2. Team Up With A Player Having New Account

By teaming up with a new account player, you will be matched against other players who recently started playing Free Fire. New players like to do experiments with the bots and generally try to play with them. You can take advantage and kill them surprisingly.

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