How Many Zones Are There In Free Fire? Understanding Red, Green, And Orange Zone

Free Fire (FF) is among the most popular battle royale games available on mobile. Like every other battle royale game, in this game also, players fight against other real-players while dealing with the gradually shrinking battle zone. Apart from this, there are three other zones: red, green, orange, and Blue, which you can consider as an additional threat.

These zones are as dangerous as other real players in the game, as each of them harms you differently. This post will share complete details about the red, green, orange, and blue zone of Free Fire. So let’s begin:

How Many Total Zones Are There In Free Fire?

In classic and ranked battle royale matches, there are a total of 4 zones in Free Fire: Red, Green, Orange, and Blue. If you also count safe zone as one of them, there are a total of 5 zones. Let’s understand all the zones one by one.

1. Red Zone

As red is the color of danger, in Free Fire also, red is the color of the most dangerous zone. It appears to a random place on the map, and after several seconds, the area gets bombardment. If you are in an open place, any explosion over you can eliminate you from the match.

To avoid the red zone, you should try to escape the red zone area before the bombardment starts. Another way of getting rid of it is to run into a building quickly. As long as you have a roof over your head, the red zone cannot affect you. The red zone effect remains on an area for a minute only.

The red zone is also one of the best times to move from one location to another because the bang of bombardment makes a lot of noise and confusion. Also, by taking advantage of the noise, you can fire at the player you have located without revealing your location.

2. Green Zone

The green zone works similarly to the red zone as it appears randomly at any place on the map. The difference lies in its effect. As soon as the green zone appears, players inside the zone start getting damage from the poison.

In the beginning, it destroys the player’s armor. After that, players start getting damage of around 5HP points per second. Even if you are inside a building, you will still get the damage. The only way to get rid of it is to leave the zone.

But it is not as dangerous as the red zone because, in the red zone, one bomb can destroy you completely. But while in the green zone, even if you are not wearing armor, it will not take more than 1/3rd of your total HP. If enemies surrounding you, it is better to stay in the cover and not try to escape, even if you are in a green zone.

3. Orange Zone

Orange zone is different from the two zones mentioned above. It appears at a random place on the map but does not give damage to the player directly. It has its connection to the UAV drone. The drone flies over the battlefield that means the Orange Zone keeps on moving.

It reveals the position of all players in the zone to other players on their mini-map. Being inside a building or in an open area does not change its effect. If you are inside the zone, everyone will be able to see your location.

Even though it does not directly damage the player, it is undoubtedly the most dangerous zone. Because once your position is revealed to other players, you won’t even be able to know from what all sides you are going to be attacked, surprisingly.

It is also possible to destroy the drone creating the Orange Zone. But remember, shooting at the drone will also reveal your location to the nearby enemies due to gunshots’ noise. So it is better to avoid the Orange Zone at all.

4. Blue Zone

Blue Zone is different from all other zones of the game. It does not appear on you randomly; instead, you have the option of whether to enter this zone or not. It is also one of the unique features that only Free Fire has among the other battle royale games on mobile.

Blue zone appears at the starting of the match itself, and it indicates the place where players can find a lot of quality loot to dominate the match completely. It is something like an indication of treasure on the map.

If you are one of them who loves to play with this quality loot, you must note that you are not the only one looking for it. It is definitely going to the hot drop of the match, and all pro players would be jumping here, so you have to be the fastest to loot all the items and take the enemies down before they do the same with you. For fast landing, you can check out the tips & tricks.

5. Safe Zone

The safe zone is one of the common features among all the battle royale games available on mobile. As the match starts, almost every part of the map is a safe zone because many people will jump across the map and loot weapons to survive till the end.

After every 2-3 minutes, the safe zone starts shrinking a bit and forces players to come to the safe zone and face each other. Players outside the safe zone lose HP points every second and eventually get eliminated. As the match reaches its ending stage, players outside the safe zone receive a lot of damage and get eliminated within seconds.

So safe zone can be called an essential part of the Free Fire and is one of the game mechanism basics.

It is also normal for these zones to overlap. In such areas, effects of every available zone would affect you.

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