Free Fire Misha Character’s Ability To Change After OB27 Update, See What Is The Buff

Free Fire’s (FF) OB27 update is scheduled to release on April 14, 2021. It would bring many changes to the game, including a new starting of reworking the old characters’ ability. It is being done because new characters coming to the game are overpowered as compared to old characters.

In the previous post, we told you about the change in the Chrono character’s ability that would nerf it because of it being overpowered compared to all other characters of the game. Now, the leaks available are about the change in Misha’s ability that would take place with the OB27 update.

What is the Buff in Misha Character’s Ability?

Firstly let us tell you about the current skill of Misha, which is ‘Afterburner.’ It is a Passive skill that increases her driving speed and also reduce damage taken while in the vehicle. The character was introduced with the April 2018 update, and now exactly after three years, with the April 2021 Update, it is getting the buff.

Misha’s new ability after OB27 update:

  • Driving speed increased by 20%
  • It will be more difficult to shoot Misha while in vehicles
  • Damage taken while in a vehicle decreased by 30%.

In simple words, after the OB27 update, at the maximum level, Misha’s special ability ‘Afterburner’ increases the driving speed by 20%, and the damage taken while in a vehicle decreases by 30%.

The main change is being made to increase the driving speed. Earlier it was 12%, and now it would be 20%. While in a vehicle, Misha decreases more damage than Andrew character. Andrew decreases only 12% at the maximum level, but Misha decreases it by 30%.

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