Free Fire April 2021 Incubator: Release Date, Bundles & Gun Skins Leaked

The ‘Netherworld’ Incubator is about to end in Free Fire on April 16, 2021, at 11:59:59 PM. After that, a brand new incubator with new bundles and gun skins would be introduced in the game. Before that, the players would experience many new features and additions to the game, with the OB27 update releasing on April 14, 2021.

The upcoming Incubator of 2021 is based on a cardboard animal theme. As always, firstly, four bundles will be made available. It would reflect four animals: Zebra, Alligator, Tiger, and Bear. After several days, these get removed, and new skins on UMP gun, based on the same theme, would be introduced.

Free Fire (FF) April 2021 Incubator Release Date:

After the previous Incubator’s end on April 16, 2021, the next Incubator, ‘Cardboard Incubator’ will be released in the game. The looks of the bundles and gun skins are as follows:

Cardboard Incubator Bundles:

1. Paper Bear

2 BluePrint + 5 Evolution Stone

2. Paper Tiger

2 BluePrint + 6 Evolution Stone

3. Paper Zebra

2 BluePrint + 7 Evolution Stone

4. Paper Alligator

3 BluePrint + 8 Evolution Stone

Cardboard Incubator Gun Skins:

1. Paper Bear UMP

2 BluePrint + 5 Evolution Stone

2. Paper Tiger UMP

2 BluePrint + 6 Evolution Stone

3. Paper Zebra UMP

2 BluePrint + 7 Evolution Stone

4. Paper Alligator UMP

3 BluePrint + 8 Evolution Stone

About FF Incubator:

Free Fire’s Incubator comes with the rarest items of the game. The items made available through Incubator are unique that you never get to witness in the store or in any other event of the game. It brings four grand prizes at once, unlike other luck royales.

It offers grand prizes as well as small rewards that include Evolution Stone and Blueprint also. You can even redeem the grand prizes directly if you do not get them by making spins. One thing that sets it different from other luck royales is that it does not come with the Luck Point system.

In Incubator, there are two options to make spins: either using Incubator Voucher or using diamonds. Using diamonds, 1 spin is available for 40 diamonds and 5 spins for 180 diamonds. Using Incubator Vouchers, 1 spin si available for 1 voucher and 10+1 spins for 10 vouchers.

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