Free Fire Upcoming Elite Pass Season 36 (May 2021): Release Date, Pre-Order, Items & Rewards

Every month, a new Elite Pass (EP) comes to Free Fire (FF). In the same order, the latest Elite Pass of Season 35, ‘Bloodwing City’ was released on April 1, 2021, and will end on April 31, 2021. After this April 2021 EP, the next Elite Pass of Season 36 (S36) will be released in the game. The leaked skins and costumes suggest it to be based on the ‘Joker’ theme.

Similar to previous EPs, the new Elite Pass of Season 36 will also bring new Vehicle Skins, Banners, Avatars, Backpack Skins, Exclusive Male & Female Bundles, and much more. This post will share the complete rewards leaks available of the upcoming S36 Elite Pass of Free Fire.

What Is Free Fire Season 36 Elite Pass Release Date?

The next Elite Pass of Season 36 (S36 EP) is scheduled to release in FF on May 1, 2021, and will be there in the game for the whole month of April. So it can also be called as ‘May 2021 Elite Pass’. Every month/season, Free Fire gets a Free Pass along Elite Pass and brings some average quality items to the game for free. So the Season 36 Elite Pass will also release on May 1, 2021.

When Will S36 EP Pre-Order Start?

Before releasing every new Elite Pass in Free Fire, developers take in-game pre-registrations and offer an exclusive pre-order reward for the same. The pre-orders of Season 36 EP will start in Free Fire from April 28, 2021, and ends on April 30, 2021. The pre-order can be made by paying a fixed amount of 999 diamonds.

What Are FF Season 36 Elite Pass Items/Rewards?

1. Bike Skin – 0 Badges
2. Plasma Gun Skin – 10 Badges
3. Jacket – 15 Badges

4. Banner – 30 Badges
5. Avatar – 40 Badges
6. Female Bundle – 50 Badges

7. SPAS12 Skin – 80 Badges
8. Surfboard – 100 Badges
9. Banner – 115 Badges

10. Grenade Skin – 125 Badges
11. Avatar – 135 Badges
12. Loot Crate – 150 Badges

13. Backpack – 200 Badges
14. Male Bundle – 225 Badges

What Are FF Season 36 Free Pass Items/Rewards?

1. Avatar – 5 Badges
2. Jacket – 40 Badges
3. T-Shirt – 100 Badges

4. Banner – 150 Badges
5. Backpack – 200 Badges

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