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Recently Free Fire got its OB27 update on April 14, 2021. It is also known as the World Series 2021 update that clearly shows the reflection of the World Series Tournament of Free Fire. The World Series is Free Fire’s largest and most iconic esports tournament. The inaugural of Free Fire World Series (FFWS) 2019 Rio was watched by more than 2 million online viewers at its peak.

The April edition of the FFWS kicked off with the Play-ins on April 24, 2021, and concluded with the Finals on May 1, 2021. This time, it brought together 22 teams from 13 regions, such as the Middle East, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, just to name a few. It also featured an expanded prize pool of US$2,000,000!

After the World Series 2021 Tournament conclusion, Free Fire (FF) would be getting an in-game event based on this tournament. The new event would be named as ‘FFWS Party’ and it would have peak day on May 29, 2021. The FFWS 2021 in-game event would bring a lot of theme-based items with FFWS’ new logo, which features an interlocking “W” and “S” – the initials of “World Series.”

As mentioned, Free Fire is also scheduled to get Elite Andrew, aka Awakened Andrew, after the OB27 update. So now the time has arrived for Awakened Andrew character in Free Fire, and it would happen with this Free Fire World Series Event. This event would have a light blue theme, and the skins and items would mainly be based on the same.

Similar to other major events, the following activities are going to take place in the FFWS event:

Winning Kick Rules

Before each round, Andrew will choose one of the 12 teams to cheer on. You can choose any of the remaining 11 teams. The performance in the match will determine the score. If your score is higher than Andrew’s, you will receive a special reward at the end of the competition! There will be rewards available even if you lose. There will be six matches in total.

Task Rules

Andrew has secret daily tasks for you. Complete them to awaken him faster! During a few days, we will have special tasks. Don’t let them pass!

Collect Tokens

Collect World Cup Invitation Tokens – Yellow and exchange them for rewards! After Andrew’s awakening, even more, special rewards will be available for collecting.

Peak Day

Log in to the game on the peak day (May 29, 2021) of the event to receive special rewards.


Check-in during the event and collect rewards! After collecting them, more rewards can be obtained through random boxes when you enter the game.

Free Fire World Series Event Leaked Skin:

1. Event Page

2. Backpack

We know it doesn’t look like backpack from any angle. But yes, the reality is, it is going to be the backpack of World Series 2021 event.

3. Emote

World Series events brings an emote every time.

4. Male Costume

On Male Costume, at the back of the jacket, you can spot Free Fire World Series with its logo.

5. Female Costume

Female Costume looks more attractive than the male costume. It also has Free Fire World Series with its logo at the back of the jacket.

6. Grenade Skin

7. Loot Box

The Loot Box skin comes with animations.

8. MAG-7 Skin

MAG-7 skin is going to be a normal skin, not a legendary skin.

9. Mechanical Pup Skin

10. Monster Truck Skin

11. Panda Skin

12. Parachute Skin

13. Surfboard Skin

The Surfboard skin comes with animations.

14. Vector Skin

Vector skin would be a legendary skin with animations.

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