Free Fire Flame Wings Lucky Flip Event Details

Free Fire (FF) has got another edition of the ‘Lucky Flip’ event in the game and is available between May 6, 2021, to May 12, 2021. It has brought the first-ever skin of the newest equipment Skywing. As the name itself suggests, you have to flip cards to make yourself lucky enough to get the grand prizes in this event.

As you enter the event lobby, you can see three cards faced below on the right side of the screen. On the left side, there are three items below the ‘Card Pool.’ These are the items you can get by flipping these three cards.

To get the item available on a card, you have to click on the ‘Flip’ button below that card. After that, the card turns, and the items available in it directly get credited to your vault. It is also important to note that flipping cards are not available for free; you have to spend diamonds to make each flip.

If you wish to stop after making only one or two flips, you can stop anytime as you have got your preferred item. The event’s prize pool is not limited to the three items; you can ‘Refresh’ it using the button at the bottom left.

The first refresh is available for free; after that, it costs 19 diamonds for each flip. The cost of the flip also increases, starting from 29 diamonds for the first flip, 99 diamonds for the second flip, and 399 diamonds for the third flip.

Once you refresh the prize pool, the flip cost also gets refreshed, which means you again start from 29 diamonds for that prize pool. In this event, if you get a duplicate of any item you already own, it gets converted into FF tokens.

Keep sharp, get lucky, and start flipping cards no before the Lucky Flip event ended on May 12, 2021.

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