Free Fire ‘Play It Forward’ Event Details – Eid 2021

Free Fire’s (FF) Indian server got its first-ever Ramadan event, aka ‘Eid event’ in the game, and it has already been started in the game from May 5, 2021, but the tasks are starting from May 6, 2021. In the previous post, we shared about the ‘Rev Up For Eid‘ Login event, which offered everyone Chrono character’s 7 days trial for free.

Now, another event named ‘Play It Forward’ is introduced in the game as a part of the Eid 2021 event. It is available in the game between May 6, 2021, to May 16, 2021. In this event, the main reward is the ‘Persia Prowess’ female bundle, among other exciting rewards.

In the Play It Forward event, players can get daily gifts by login into the game between the event period. The login rewards are small rewards such as Vouchers, Play cards, Gun Crates, etc. To get big rewards for the event, players have to share the event by sending a gift to their friends. The big rewards available are: Parachute Skin, Loot Box skin, and female bundle.

As you enter the event lobby, you can see the three big rewards mentioned above on the left side of the screen. In the middle of the screen, there are Yellow and Red lamps. Below the Yellow lamp, there is a ‘Redeem Daily Gift’ button. You need to log in daily to the game to claim one small reward daily, including the peak day reward on May 13, 2021, a free, permanent backpack skin.

Below the Red lamp, there is a ‘Send Gift To Your Friend’ button. From here, you can send your friend a reward daily during the event period. By clicking on this button, a code will appear on your screen, which you need to share. You can directly use the ‘Facebook Share’ button or can copy the code to share it through any other mode, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.

By clicking on the link shared, your friend can open the Free Fire app to claim the sent reward. After that, you get 1 share in your account. The sharing option lets you send some small rewards, including a permanent Hat on the peak day. But sharing is the main crux of the event because the big rewards available on the left side of the screen will be given to you for sharing.

During the event period, if you accumulate 2 shares, you get Parachute Skin for free. If you accumulate 4 shares, you can get Loot Box skin for free. And, if you accumulate 8 shares, you get the female bundle for free.

If you cannot accumulate the shares because you do not have Free Fire playing friends in your circle, you can also use the Lemang tokens to redeem the rewards. The tokens will be available to collect from May 8, 2021, until May 16, 2021.

Try to accumulate as many shares as possible, and after that, use the Lemang tokens. Three Lemang tokens can be used in place of 1 share. So if you have 0 shares, you can use 6 Lemang tokens to redeem Parachute Skin, 12 Lemang tokens to redeem Loot Box skin, and 24 Lemang tokens to redeem Female Bundle. Exchanging these rewards for the Lemang token can be done from ‘Redemption Store’ available at the bottom left of the event lobby.

Apart from these, Lemang tokens can be used in the upcoming ‘Token Exchange’ event coming between May 13, 2021, and May 16, 2021.

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