Free Fire: Pet Rumble Mode & New Map Complete Leaked Details

Free Fire (FF) will be getting a new mode, ‘Pet Rumble,’ and it comes with its own unique map named ‘Crisis Lab’. This article will share all the leaked details available about this new mode and the map, and we will also discuss how this new mode can increase the popularity of Free Fire?

Free Fire Pet Rumble Mode Release Date?

The new Pet Rumble Mode of Free Fire is expected to release in the upcoming one or two weeks only. The developers have not made any official announcement yet about the Pet Rumble release date.

About Pet Rumble Mode:

The upcoming Pet Rumble Mode of Free Fire is inspired by the famous mobile game ‘Among Us.’ Most of you must be aware of this game. If you stay in the caves, let us tell you that Among Us is a popular Action mobile game by Innersloth LLC.

The gameplay of Among Us is as follows: There are a particular number of persons on a small map. These include crewmates and as well imposter(s). The crewmates keep on doing their jobs (tasks) while imposters try to kill them without being caught. If imposter manages to kill all crewmates, imposter wins; if it gets caught, crewmate wins.

Pet Rumble Mode Gameplay:

The unique thing about Pet Rumble mode is that you do not play using the in-game characters in this mode, but using the pets. It is going to be the first-ever mode of this kind. To play this mode, you have to create or join a lobby. Creating a lobby gives a similar experience as custom matches and lets you customize everything, such as the total number of players, numbers of pranksters, etc.

This map has its own unique map with 8 locations such as Garage, Laboratory, Bathroom, etc. As the match starts, scientists and prankster(s) will be assigned randomly, and everyone knows about themselves whether they are a scientist or prankster but not about others. Among all the players, if you are one of the scientists, your job is to catch the prankster(s) and complete the tasks to win the match.

If you an prankster, your job is to kill the scientists before they complete their tasks. Being an prankster, you have certain special abilities such as ‘Interrupt,’ ‘Map Attacked,’ and ‘Blurry Vision.’ These create barriers in the way of scientists; the exact details are not known yet. A ‘Knife’ button is available on the screen; using that prankster can kill any scientist. But the job is to kill everyone without being caught, so look you back before killing someone.

Pro Tip: Use Kitty pet without any skin. Because everyone has Kitty pet in their account, and if all players (pets) look similar, it would be difficult for scientists to find prankster that adds more fun to the game.

Pet Rumble Mode Map: – Crisis Lab

How Pet Rumble Mode Will Increase Free Fire’s Popularity?

Both Among Us and Free Fire are among the popular mobile games. Both are unique at their places, and Among Us got popular recently after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. After the addition of Pet Rumble Mode in Free Fire, you will not have to switch between the apps to play Among Us (or a similar game).

Many times, by playing Free Fire regularly, players start feeling repetitive and boring, so it would provide players with something exciting and new. Also, Free Fire allows maximum 4 players to play together, but it will allow 10 players to have fun together. Hence it will attract more and more players towards it.

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