Free Fire Mystery Shop 12.0 Is Here With Up To 90% Discount Even On Elite Pass

As mentioned in our previous post today (on May 13, 2021), Free Fire (FF) has got its 12th edition of Mystery Shop that would be available until May 19, 2021. Mystery Shop 12.0 is offering up to 90% discount on all items available in the shop.

For those living in the caves, let us tell you that Mystery Shop is an in-game event that offers in-game items at a mysterious discounted price. The discount you can avail in the Mystery Shop depends upon your luck.

Before entering the Mystery Shop event, you have to take a spin on the first page; the result of this spin is the discount you get in the shop. The Mystery Shop comes with various items, including two grand prizes, the shop’s exclusive male and female bundles. The grand prizes of the May 2021 Mystery Shop are ‘Brokebone Sheriff bundle’ – Male Bundle and ‘Brokebone Deputy Bundle’ – Female bundle.

After making the spin, all the shop items will be available to you at a discounted price. But keep in mind, you cannot purchase the grand prizes directly; first of all, you have to spend a minimum amount of diamonds in the shop. For Mystery Shop 12.0, the minimum amount of diamonds to purchase the grand prizes is 80 diamonds.

So after entering the shop, you have to spend 80 diamonds in the shop and then purchase the exclusive male and female bundles. Both the bundles come with a different set of items in the shop. You can switch the items pool using the ‘Switch’ button at the bottom of the bundle at the left. Switching the items pool costs 10 diamonds each time.

The Mystery Shop event is the best time to spend diamonds in Free Fire as it offers items at a huge discounted price. You get all kinds of items in the Mystery Shop, such as characters, pets, emotes, costumes, etc. With the May 2021 Mystery Shop, you can also get the Elite Pass at a discount. It is one of the rarest deals to grab because, for the first time ever, you can get a discount on the Elite Pass event before the middle of the month.

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