Top 5 Mystery Shops of Free Fire

Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games available on mobile. The game offers various features to keep the players engaged. It brings new events frequently to provide players with new experiences, and one such event is the ‘Mystery Shop’ event.

As the name itself suggests, Mystery Shop is an in-game shop that opens for a fixed period, and in this event, all items are available at a mysteriously discounted price. Like Elite Pass, there are exclusive male and female bundles in Mystery Shops which decides the uniqueness of the Mystery Shop.

This post will share the Best 5 rare Mystery Shops released in Free Fire (FF) so far. We will also share the exclusive male and female bundles of such Mystery Shops. Let’s begin:

5. Mystery Shop 10.0


  • Plan Bermuda Street (Male) Bundle
  • Plan Bermuda Street (Female) Bundle

4. Mystery Shop 7.0


  • The T.R.A.P Alpha – Male Bundle
  • The T.R.A.P Primo – Female Bundle

3. Mystery Shop 6.0


  • Pumpkin Knight – Male Bundle
  • Spooky Witch – Female Bundle

2. Mystery Shop 2.0


  • Iron Blade – Male Bundle
  • Tempered Will – Female Bundle

1. Mystery Shop 5.0


  • Purple Shade Bundle – Male Bundle
  • Violet Wraith Bundle – Female Bundle

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