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As shared in our previous post, the Free Fire World Series (FFWS) Event has been introduced to the game. It will be available in the game between May 17, 2021, to June 6, 2021. There will be several tasks during the event period that will reward you with free FFWS theme-based in-game items. The event has its peak day on May 29, 2021, and will reward everyone with an FFWS themed backpack skin for login to the game.

The sub-events of the FFWS events have already been started. In this post, we will share the complete details about the ‘FFWS Master Showcase’ event which is available between May 17, 2021 to May 26, 2021. In this event, you have to collect badges to win the rewards that include exclusive FFWS 2021 Surfboard skin, Weapon Royale Voucher, and Gold Royale Voucher.

How To Collect FFWS Master Showcase Badges?

In FFWS Showcase Event, there are a total of 16 badges that you need to collect to win the three mentioned rewards. If you collect a total of 13 badges, you can get all three rewards. Below we mention the name of the badge and the task you need to complete to collect that badge.

  • Oath of FFWS – Log in on 30/5 to watch FFWS
  • Masquerade – Play games by using 6 different characters
  • Survival Expert – Survive longer than 150 minutes (cumulatively)
  • Mode Lover – Play BR Classic, CS Classic, and BR Rank Mode for at least 3 games
  • Cover Me – Play with friends three times
  • Awaken Andrew – Use Andrew in 5 games
  • Killing Machine – Kill over 5 enemies in a game
  • Time To Party – Login and check even website (as you enter the event lobby, it gets automatically completed)
  • Weekday Job – Login event page for 5 days
  • Window Shopping – Browse through all the badges (on the event page, click on all the badges once to receive it)
  • Sharing Is Caring – Share your badges gallery to FB
  • Smile of the Muse – Share all kinds of memes that you made (discussed below in the article in detail)
  • Test Robot – Answer all questions of CG correctly (discussed below in the article in detail)
  • Master of Badge (Hidden Badge) – Might get unlocked after collecting all the badges (not known to us)
  • You Cheating (Hidden Badge) – Collect 6 badges in a single day
  • Use Your Imagination (Hidden Badge) – Share a meme without any DIY content

These are the 16 badges you can collect to receive the rewards shown on the left side of the event screen. The event page has two other options apart from collecting the badges. These are: ‘Design Meme’ and ‘Video.’ Both the options are available at the left top of the event screen.

How To Design a Meme in FFWS Master Showcase Event?

From the top left of the event screen, click on the ‘Design Meme’ button. Here you will get to see 5 meme templates to put your own texts and share them. If you are willing to make memes, put your text. Otherwise, if you just want to finish the task to get rewards, select the templates one by one and click on each template’s ‘Share’ button; you are not needed to put any text.

You will be rewarded with a small prize that generally is a ‘Random Loadout Crate’ for each share. So by sharing 5 memes, you can get a total of 5 Loadout crates. But the main reward you get from here is the ‘Smile of the Muse’ badge, as it can only be collected by sharing all kinds of memes you made.

What are the Correct Answers to All Questions of FFWS Video?

On the left top of the event screen, a ‘Video’ button is given. By clicking it, you will be taken to a screen where you can watch the music video of the World Series. At the bottom of the video, an ‘Answer’ button is given. Here you have to answer three questions asked from the video. If you wish to watch the video, definitely go for it. Otherwise, if you are looking for answers in the video, let us do the job; we are here with the answers to all three questions:

Q.1 One of the main characters wears the iconic FF Skin. What is the name of this skin?

  • Green Dino (Correct Answer)
  • Samurai
  • Dark Clown

Q.2 What is the color of the Pan with the FFWS Logo?

  • Green
  • Purple (Correct Answer)
  • White

Q.3 What was painted on the wall in the scene where the artist was seen climbing down a ladder?

  • A Red Tree (Correct Answer)
  • A Giant Boat
  • A Shiny Trophy

By answering all the three answers, you will be rewarded with a small reward; for me, it was ‘Weapon Royale Voucher.’ But the main reward you get is the ‘Test Robot’ badge that is available for answering all the CG questions correctly.

So you have to complete the tasks to collect all the badges and get your hands on the FFWS Master Showcase event’s rewards.

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