Free Fire (FF) Eid Special Music Video Redeem Code – May 2021 (Ramdan Music Video Code)

Free Fire recently released a new music video titled ‘Eid Special Music Video’ on the ‘Free Fire Bangladesh Official’ YouTube channel. Similar to the ‘DNA Mein Dance’ music video, some milestone rewards are given for free as a promotion move to this music video.

These milestone rewards can be earned by completing the views milestone on the music video. We are happy to announce that all the Free Fire lovers have managed to achieve the milestone, and the rewards are ready to be grabbed.

The milestone rewards are as follows:

  • Leap of Faith (Surfboard Skin) – 300K Views
  • Water Fest (Banner) – 600K Views
  • Guitar Basher (Bat Skin) – 1M Views

So the highest milestone was crossing 1 million views on the Eid Special Music Video. We are glad to announce that all of you have cumulatively managed to cross the milestone, and currently, the video has 2.7M+ views. So everyone is eligible to receive these free rewards.

Garena is giving the rewards through a Redeem Code. You can redeem this code on the official rewards redemption website. Now you must be confused about how to redeem Free Fire Redeem Codes? Don’t worry; we will share a step-by-step guide on how you can redeem the Eid Special Music Video’s Redeem Code and get the Guitar Basher bat skin and other rewards absolutely for free.

Here Is How To Use the Eid Special Music Video Redeem Code:

  • Step 1: Go to Free Fire’s Official Rewards Redemption Site
  • Step 2: Login using the same method you attached your Free Fire account
  • Step 3: Enter the 12 digit code: ESX2-4ADS-GM4K
  • Step 4: Click on ‘Confirm’

Congratulations, after following the above-mentioned steps, you have successfully redeemed your free rewards available as milestone rewards for the Eid Special Music video. These rewards will be sent to your in-game vault within 24 hours.

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