Top 5 Rarest Bundles of Free Fire

Free Fire (FF) is the famous mobile battle royale game and what makes it stand out from others is its unique features. It offers players various skins, bundles, items, and much more. Players always look forward to getting to know what new skins, bundles, etc., are coming to Free Fire, but if you are a true Free Fire lover, going back to the past can bring more excitement to you.

The developers of Free Fire (FF) keeps on releasing bundles to the game. Some of them make frequent comebacks, and most of the players own them. But some are introduced only once or twice; hence very few players own them. In this post, we will share the 5 most rare bundles of Free Fire. So let’s begin:

5. Zombie Samurai Bundle

Zombie Samurai bundle is a quite terrifying bundle by looks in Free Fire. It made its way to the game through an in-game event only once in 2019. At that time, very few people managed to get this bundle. It is the customized version of the popular Samurai Bundle. It comes with an epic mask that can easily scare your foes.

4. Top Criminal Red Bundle

Top Criminal (Red) Bundle is one of the most demanding bundles of Free Fire. It was released through an incubator while Season 9 was going on in the game. There were different versions of this bundle, but among them, Red Bundle became quite popular. Ever since the bundle never made a comeback to the game and secured a place in the list of most rare bundles of Free Fire.

3. Arctic Blue Bundle

Arctic Blue Bundle is a legendary costume and comes with blue flames passing over its body. The introduction of the bundle was made through Diamonds Royale a long back. However, considering its popular demand, the bundle was brought back to the game in the Magic Cube Store. 

But due to its look, there is still a popular demand for this bundle. Considering its demand, only very few people own this bundle. Hence it secured a place in the rare bundles’ list, and there are no signs of it returning back to the game.

2. The Streets Bundle

The Streets bundle was the male bundle of Free Fire Elite Pass Season 2, named ‘Hip-Hop,’ released in July 2018. Most of the old players own this bundle. But very few of you are playing since Season 2 of Elite Pass; hence most of the old players become very less here in numbers.

The players do not use this bundle, but everyone wishes to own this bundle. Hence its demand still remains too much. It is one of the most stylish bundles of Free Fire that has become rare now.

1. Sakura Bundle

The Sakura Male Bundle is one of the oldest and rarest bundles of Free Fire. It was the male bundle of Free Fire’s Season 1 Elite Pass named ‘Kitsune,’ which was released in June 2018. As Free Fire had very less audience at that time and being the Elite Pass concept something new, nobody cared to invest in it. Hence, very few Free Fire players own it, making it the rarest bundle of Free Fire. It is amongst the golden bundles of the game, and there are no signs of it returning back.

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