How To Awaken Andrew In Free Fire World Series Event

Free Fire’s major event, ‘Free Fire World Series’ (FFWS) 2021, has started in the game. It will be available between May 21, 2021, to June 7, 2021. This event comes up with many FFWS themed rewards that players can get absolutely for free by completing the simple tasks.

The FFWS 2021 event is also bringing the Elite Andrew, aka Awakened Andrew, to the game. As you enter the Free Fire World Series Event lobby by clicking the trophy icon on the main screen, you get to see a big trophy in the middle of the screen and ‘Andrew’ on the right side.

To awaken Andrew in this event, click on the Andrew character icon. On this screen, you get to see various tasks to be completed. You need to complete these tasks (Andrew’s Mission) to increase Andrew’s awakening progress. You also get ‘FFWS Yellow Pass Tokens’ for completing these missions that you can exchange for various items, including FFWS Female Bundles, aka FFWS Bayfront Guardian costume. 

What Are Andrew’s Mission To Awaken Andrew?

  • In Classic/Ranked mode, inflict 1000 points of damage in any map – FFWS Yellow Pass Token (x1)
  • In Classic/Ranked mode, complete 3 matches in any map – FFWS Yellow Pass Token (x1)
  • In Classic mode (any map), kill 2 enemies using AK47 – FFWS Yellow Pass Token (x1)
  • Complete a game in any mode – FFWS 2021 Cup

By completing these tasks, you add some progress to the global milestone, so do not forget to do your part every day. Once the global milestone, which is ‘100% progress’, is reached, the Andrew character will awaken. You can track this milestone progress on the ‘Andrew’s Mission’ screen. These tasks get refreshes every day at 04:00 AM IST.

To Awaken Andrew character, the milestone must be completed between May 21, 2021, and June 6, 2021. The ‘FFWS Yellow Pass’ token you collected by completing missions can be exchanged for free rewards in the ‘Redeem’ section of the Free Fire World Series Event.

About Elite Andrew / Awakened Andrew

The Elite Version of Andrew will be named Andrew “the Fierce.” After Elite Kelly, aka Kelly “the Swift” and Elite Hayato aka Hayato “Firebrand,” Elite Andrew is going to be the third Elite character in Free Fire (FF). Similar to all characters of the game, Elite Andrew also comes with a special ability. His Special skill is called ‘Wolf Pack.’


Elite Andrew Special Ability – Wolf Pack

The special skill of awakened Andrew character is a passive skill called ‘Wolf Pack.’ It boosts the armor damage reduction by 8%. An additional 0.15 damage reduction from every teammate carries this skill. The mentioned effects are at level 1; as you level up the character, effects will also improve.

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