Free Fire To Get New Duck Pet After OB28 Update (June 2021 Update)

Free Fire’s (FF) OB28 update is scheduled to release in the game on June 8, 2021. The new update will bring a new character, a new pet, new mechanisms, and much more. You can check out the complete leaks here. If you are interested in trying out the upcoming features before their global release, register and download the OB28 Advanced Server.

Until today, we were not aware of the looks and special ability of the new upcoming pet with the OB28 update, but as the time for the update approaches, the secrets get revealed. This post will share the complete details about OB28 update’s Duck pet.

The Duck pet will not be made available in the game right after the OB28 update; it will be introduced through a top-up event several days after the update. But players would be able to try it out on the Advanced Server. The name of the pet on English servers is Dr. Beanie.

Dr. Beanie is introduced in the game as “He insists on everyone calling him Dr. He is not one though.”

As we all know, pets in Free fire provide players certain buffs, which can be sustained, aggressive, defensive, and much more. Similarly, the Duck pet will also provide players with a buff by his special ability. The new pet’s special ability is named “Dashy Duckwalk.”

Dr. Beanie Pet’s Special Ability – Dashy Duckwalk

The Dashy Duckwalk special ability increases the movement speed of the character while in the crouch position.

  • Level 1: When in crouch position, movement speed increases by 30%.
  • Level 2: When in crouch position, movement speed increases by 40%.
  • Level 3: When in crouch position, movement speed increases by 60%.

It basically increases the movement speed if the character is walking like a duck. The pet will be a perfect option for the players who love to use LMG machine guns such as KORD. Because machine guns provide the best performance in the crouch position and the duck helps players increasing their movement speed in this position.

Thinking strategically, the duck pet is going to be useful for the players who love to camp in buildings or grass. As campers stay in the crouch position to avoid any sound, letting them ambush their enemies easier.

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