Free Fire Dragon Gate Event Details – Get Dragon Gangster Bundle

Free Fire (FF) has got a new event, ‘Dragon Gate,’ which is available between June 3, 2021, and June 7, 2021. As the name itself suggests, you have to open the gates to win the rewards in this event. It is similar to the ‘flip to win’ event with the only difference: you have to open the gates to win the rewards instead of flipping the cards.

How To Participate in Dragon Gate Event?

Ass you enter the event lobby, you get to see 8 items on the screen, which are the prize pool of the event. You have to select one item which you want as one of the prizes in each spin. For obvious reasons, everyone is going to choose the ‘Dragon Gangster Bundle,’ the grand prize of the event. After selecting your one favorite item, the event takes you to the main screen.

Here you get to see two gates in the middle of the screen and at the right, the prize pool of 8 items, shown on the first screen of the event. The two gates contain two items; one of them is the one you selected on the previous screen, and another one is random from the remaining 7 items. You have to open one door, and you get the reward available behind it.

To open the doors, you have to click on the ‘Open’ button available at the bottom of both gates. It is free to open your preferred gate for the first time, but after that, it costs you diamonds, and for each round, the amount of diamonds keeps increasing, starting from 9 diamonds for the second round. The item you get once is removed from the prize pool, guaranteeing you the grand prize within 8 rounds.

Dragon Gate Event Prize Pool:

  • Dragon Gangster Bundle
  • Mythological Ride (Surfboard)
  • Dragon Lair Backpack
  • Draconic Invasion (Parachute)
  • Lunar New Year 2020 (Banner)
  • Cube Fragment
  • Auspicious Aura (Avatar)
  • Aurous Dragon Scar Box

Diamonds Required for Making Spins:

  • First Round: Free
  • Second Round: 9 Diamonds
  • Third Round: 19 Diamonds
  • Fourth Round: 39 Diamonds
  • Fifth Round: 69 Diamonds
  • Sixth Round: 99 Diamonds
  • Seventh Round: 199 Diamonds
  • Eighth Round: 499 Diamonds

If you get the grand prize in 8th round, you have to spend a total of 933 diamonds in Dragon Gate event.

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