Get ‘M1887 – Hand of Hope’ Skin In Free Fire Hope Ascension Event

As shared in our previous post, the new M1887 Green Flame skin, aka ‘M1887- Hand of Hope’ skin, was introduced in the Free Fire (FF). It has come through an in-game event named ‘Hope Ascension.’ Along with M1887- Hand of Hope skin, it has brought ‘Plasma- Hand of Hope’ skin as the event’s grand prize.

The Hope Ascension Event is available in the game between June 5, 2021, and June 18, 2021. The game has marked the beginning of the Hand of Hope Gun Series in Free Fire with this event. In this event, two of the skins of this series are introduced to the game.

Here Is How To Participate In Hope Ascension Event & Get M1887- Hand of Hope Skin?

The Hope Ascension event is available in the ‘Luck Royale’ section of the game. Like other tabs of Luck Royale, in Hope Ascension also, you have to make spins to win the rewards. As you enter the event screen, you get to see the grand prizes in the middle of the screen and all 5 major prizes of the event on the left side of the screen. And there are two spins buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Here one spin is available for 20 diamonds and 5 spins for 90 diamonds. For each spin you make, you get one prize from the prize pool of 35 items. This prize pool does not contain the main rewards, such as M1887 and Plasma gun skin. Instead, this prize pool contains small rewards, and among them, one is ‘Legends Tokens.’ These Legends Token are the key to get the main rewards of this event.

By making the spins, you get small prizes, including Legends Token. The above-mentioned 5 major prizes shown on the right side of the event screen mention the Legends Token required to get them. So keep on making spins until you get the required legends token to get the Hand of Hope gun skins.

The rewards and Legends Token required for them are as follows:

  • The Death Skull (Parachute Skin) – Legends Token (x1)
  • Heart of the Dead (Surfboard Skin) – Legends Token (x2)
  • PLASMA – Hand of Hope (Gun Skin) – Legends Token (x3)
  • Blueprint: Safari Riot – Legends Token (x4)
  • M1887 – Hand of Hope (Gun Skin) – Legends Token (x5)

To get all the rewards, a total of 5 Legends Tokens are required. You can also make free spins in exchange for already obtained small rewards. To get the free spins, click on the ‘Backpack’ icon at the bottom left of the event screen. It contains all the small rewards you obtained so far in the event. Now you select the items you want to exchange for free spin and confirm them. Here you get one free spin for every three items.

The free spins also get you rewards from the same prize pool of 35 items, so you can get Legends Tokens from free spins. So grab your M1887 and PLASMA Hand of Hope’s Gun skins by collecting a total of 5 Legends Tokens from spins.

Attributes of M1887 – Hand of Hope Skin

  • Reload Speed (++)
  • Damage (+)
  • Movement Speed (-)

Attributes of PLASMA – Hand of Hope Skin

  • Range (++)
  • Accuracy (-)

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