Top 5 Tips & Tricks To Use Gloo Wall In Free Fire

Free Fire (ff) is one of the most popular battle royale games available on mobile. It offers various in-game items to help you in your survival. If you use them diligently, you can improve your gameplay a lot and become a pro player. One such item among them is the Gloo wall, a temporary cover at any place. It is one of the most important survival items if you are in intense fights.

This post will share the best tips & tricks to use Gloo Wall in Free Fire. Let’s begin.

1. Reaction Time

Reaction time plays the most important role in your survival on the battleground. You should put the gloo wall blocking the sight from the direction you are getting hit. If you don’t know how to recognize the enemy’s direction, let us tell you that you get to see a red quarter circle of blood when you get hit. You have to bring out the gloo wall and put it in that direction blocking the enemy’s view as soon as possible.

2. Gloo Wall Button Size

If you want to put Gloo Wall as fast as possible, make sure the size of the gloo wall button is between 70% to 100%. It makes it easily accessible to you in emergency situations. You can keep the button at any location but refrain from changing it again and again. Fix it in one place and practice hard. For me, the default location of the Gloo Wall button is the best.

3. Change Your Position

As you take the cover of Gloo Wall in between the fight, the enemy cooks the grenade and throws it at you, eliminating you instantly. Another scenario is of M82B sniper rifle. If the enemy knows your location, he can shoot at you through the gloo wall eliminating you easily. So as soon as you apply the gloo wall, make sure you change your position without the enemy noticing it and surprise your enemy from the back.

4. Gloo Wall Structures

Using the Gloo Walls, you can climb and reach the locations which you generally cannot. For this, you have to make a staircase-type structure that leads you to the top. If you have a cooperative squad, it can be much more beneficial than expected. You can make whatever structure you want using the Gloo Walls.

5. Gloo Wall As Distraction

Using Gloo Wall as a distraction is quite helpful, especially in the last zones when only a few players are left. When enemies surround you, place a gloo wall at a far location and crouch or crawl to a different location. Your opponents would mainly focus on the wall and shoot at that. 

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